Connect your hybrid cloud environment with IT automation

Build complete automation workflows for hybrid environments

IT automation can help you connect traditional and cloud-native environments while delivering the operational speed and accuracy you need to support digital transformation initiatives. No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, IT automation can help you move forward with greater agility, efficiency, and confidence. Red Hat gives you integrated platforms and tools to bridge the gap between traditional and cloud-native IT with flexible automation.

In this e-book, we share how the combination of Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform, Red Hat OpenShift®, and Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes lets you:

  • Connect on-cluster and off-cluster resources.

  • Create end-to-end cluster set up and management workflows.

  • Deploy and manage applications across infrastructures.

  • Streamline disaster recovery and business continuity.

Download the e-book to get all the details.