Red Hat Edge’s validated patterns

Edge computing takes more than just the right platform. Success at the edge requires weaving together different platforms from Red Hat and our technology partner ecosystem. But with so many options, it can be a puzzle to assemble the tech stack that’s uniquely right for you - that’s where validated patterns can help.

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What are validated patterns?

Red Hat Edge’s validated patterns are detailed deployments created for different edge use cases. These pre-defined edge computing configurations bring together the Red Hat portfolio and technology ecosystem to help you stand up your edge architecture faster.

Code you can run

Red Hat Edge’s validated patterns contain all the code needed to help build your edge stack so that you can go from zero to POC faster. All steps are fully automated through GitOps processes to automate deployments consistently and at scale.

Dynamic and updated

Unlike static reference architectures, Red Hat Edge’s validated patterns are continuously tested against current product releases so that your deployment is kept up to date—reducing risk while using the latest capabilities.

Open and customizable

With Red Hat Edge’s validated patterns, we build the foundational architecture that you can further customize to meet the needs of your use case. And community members can contribute their own improvements - making sure innovation never stops.

Built using the Red Hat Edge portfolio

Validated partners are built using Red Hat’s portfolio - bringing the familiarity of our enterprise open source platforms out of your datacenter to the edges of your network.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux logo

An OS that delivers a consistent, flexible foundation built to run enterprise workloads from data center to the edge. Provides an interoperable layer between edge devices to maximize performance, manageability, and stability in any edge environment.

Red Hat OpenShift logo

A hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes with services that help deliver consistent operations and application life cycle management at edge sites. Flexible topology options to support low-latency workloads anywhere.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform logo

An automation platform that uses event-driven architecture to decouple and reactivate services based on what happens at the edges of a network.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform

A foundation to help organizations build an edge computing architecture with distributed compute nodes placed closer to network edges.

Red Hat Integration

A set of integration and messaging technologies to connect applications and data across edge locations.

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