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What is Red Hat Integration?

Red Hat® Integration is a comprehensive set of integration and messaging technologies to connect applications and data across hybrid infrastructures. It is an agile, distributed, containerized, and API-centric solution. It provides service composition and orchestration, application connectivity and data transformation, real-time message streaming, change data capture, and API management—all combined with a cloud-native platform and toolchain to support the full spectrum of modern application development.

Application and data integration across hybrid cloud

Deploy enterprise integration patterns (EIPs) based integrations using 200+ pluggable connectors to connect new and existing data across hybrid cloud.

API connectivity and management

Create, deploy, monitor, and control APIs throughout their entire lifecycle. With an API-first approach, extend your integrations across hybrid and multicloud environments.

Container-native infrastructure

Develop and manage services in popular container standards, as well as package and deploy lightweight containers in distributed environments, to adapt easily and scale quickly.

Real-time Messaging, change data capture, and data streaming

Share data between applications and systems in real time with high throughput and low latency.

Reduced time-to-market

Support microservices developers and DevOps teams with a self-service platform and automated software development lifecycle tools.

Red Hat Integration includes:

An infrastructure platform on which to share, secure, distribute, control, and monetize APIs.

A flexible messaging platform that delivers information reliably, enabling real-time integration and connecting the Internet of Things (IoT).

A set of products, tools, and components for developing and maintaining cloud-native applications.

Change data capture

A distributed solution, based on open source technologies like Debezium, to stream changes from the database.

Service registry

A contract between publisher and subscriber for streaming as well as synchronous traffic, providing more data governance and fewer errors.

Combining Red Hat Integration with Red Hat OpenShift provides the ideal platform to develop and deliver cloud-native applications.

  • Streamline connecting cloud applications and services with each other and also with legacy software
  • Adopt cloud native application patterns such as API first, event driven and AI/ML
  • Increase security and governance of application connectivity through policy driven management

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