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Our business transformation services, Red Hat Pathways, help our clients map out the journey to get from where they are today to where they want to be in the future. We deliver these consulting engagements through a proven, phased approach to help you achieve your specific IT and business goals.

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Pathway to IT Modernization

Modernize your IT infrastructure

Combining open tools and standards, industry and organizational insight, and proven IT methodologies, our Pathway to IT Modernization provides you with strategic recommendations and comprehensive practices to:

  • Increase hardware, software, and process standardization
  • Drive application and environment migration targets
  • Implement low-cost virtualization technologies

Customized to your needs

We take a modular and scalable approach, with four phases that can be combined or iterated to meet the size of your portfolio and the demands of your business, including:

  • Strategy: Develop key objectives and determine tangible business results
  • Blueprint: Plan the details of the modernization approach
  • Transform: Efficiently execute the modernization plans
  • Optimize: Continually refine the process to uncover added benefits and opportunities

Engagement outcomes

  • Inventory of server hardware and open source and proprietary software
  • Inventory of IT management processes
  • Recommendations for open source and open standard alternatives to proprietary counterparts
  • Detailed recommendations for environment consolidation, including how these recommendations impact your operating expenses (TCO)
  • High-level recommendations for software, hardware, and process standardization
  • Roadmap for strategic migration that includes recommendations for migration candidates and implementation path
  • Knowledge transfer and documentation

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Pathway to IT consolidation

Move from IT sprawl to consolidation and choice

Our Pathway to IT Consolidation combines a series of technical consulting engagements in a phased approach with product recommendations, open source expertise, and best practices.

Fight server sprawl

The proliferation of servers and their accompanying headaches slow system performance and drive up costs. The best path to IT consolidation and cost reduction is to deploy technologies that conform to open industry standards. Red Hat Consulting helps you increase hardware homogeneity and cut future IT operating expenses.

Engagement outcomes

  • In-depth analysis of your existing IT infrastructure
  • Specific recommendations for consolidating systems
  • Recommendations for migrating to industry-standard hardware platforms to increase hardware homogeneity and reduce future costs

Pathway to operational efficiency

Reduce effort, deploy faster, and lower costs

IT organizations today require more flexible IT services, greater capacity and stricter service level agreements than ever before. To help you meet the increasing demands made on IT departments today, Red Hat offers the Operational Efficiency Pathway.

The Operational Efficiency Pathway delivers a strategic roadmap to help you reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your environment and offer more effective support and faster deployment times to your internal customers. Through a series of engagements, Red Hat consultants help you assess, plan, and execute the best approach to improving and achieving the right IT efficiencies for your business.

Establish standardization and repeatability

By targeting business processes around, and visibility of, the IT system lifecycle, Red Hat Consulting focuses on improving automation, standardization, and repeatability of your IT infrastructure and deployment.

Engagement outcomes

  • Achieve a stable, scalable, and secure environment
  • Ensure deployed systems take advantage of best practices
  • Establish a consistent environment for a wide range of business applications and platforms

Pathway to cloud

Establish the foundation for an open cloud infrastructure

Accelerate your journey to cloud computing with the Red Hat Cloud Pathway, a strategic service that consists of a series of tailored consulting engagements that leverage open source expertise, product recommendations, and best practices to:

  • Explore cloud viability
  • Develop a strategic roadmap for cloud adoption
  • Establish a cloud platform to serve as the foundation for your present and future cloud computing initiatives

Quickly ramp up deployment

Each pathway engagement includes:

  • An assessment of your organization's business goals and the maturity of your IT infrastructure
  • An exploration of open standards, concepts, and alternatives
  • Strategic recommendations for your organization to achieve its business goals

Engagement outcome

Upon completion of the engagement, Red Hat works closely with you to map out a comprehensive deployment strategy.

Pathway to open source enablement

Drive strategic advantage with an open source strategy

To help you formalize enterprise open source adoption, collaboration, and governance strategies, Red Hat offers the Pathway to Open Source Enablement. This Pathway gives your organization proven practices and recommendations demonstrated by Red Hat to drive cultural and process shift for leveraging the business value of open source.

Reap maximum benefits from open source

Red Hat Consulting gives you the tools and processes to safely, formally, and effectively consume open source technologies in your enterprise. We mentor you in effectively collaborating with or contributing to open source communities for strategic benefit. Our consultants can guide you in creating strategic open source projects and communities to share development costs and risks. We also provide support in areas such as business model development and collaboration frameworks

Your Pathway begins with an assessment of your organization's business goals, the maturity of your infrastructure and open source software adoption, as well as an exploration of open standards practices.

Engagement outcomes

  • Introduction to open source concepts and different open source approaches and opportunities that can address your organization's desired level of maturity
  • Assessment of current processes, infrastructure, and capabilities to determine readiness to accept and scale open source
  • Measurement of baseline open source competency in areas of governance, community participation, and senior-leadership support
  • A strategic open source blueprint that details the open source maturity analysis and delivers actionable recommendations for governance and policy, community planning, tools and training, and additional IT efficiency

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