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No one is more qualified than Red Hat® Consulting to solve complex business problems through open-standard technologies. We identify ways to help you operate efficiently and cost effectively. With a global team and direct access to Red Hat engineering and support, we collaborate with you to help you achieve your goals.

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Intelligently integrate your enterprise

Data and integration points are growing quickly. Businesses are changing rapidly. You need the latest information—now. But disparate systems create process errors that slow or restrict the information you need to make wise decisions.

Red Hat Consulting helps you get the right data to the right business process at the right time so you can make timely, intelligent decisions. Your business will become more automated, flexible, and responsive.

We help you build a streamlined infrastructure that:

  • Observes events
  • Retrieves and sends out information
  • Integrates systems using advanced, open-standards based messaging
  • Analyzes and makes decisions
  • Responds intelligently via automated business processes

Red Hat Consulting helped Verimatrix standardize on one stable and secure platform. Learn how.

Bridge your environment with Red Hat solutions

Modernize your systems and applications

Older systems and applications can't keep up with the demands of today's enterprises. You need a system that is agile and flexible, one that is customized to quickly meet your needs.

Red Hat Consulting's global team of consultants helps you migrate from older systems and middleware without disrupting the way you do business. Our consultants work closely with your IT team to understand your business requirements and processes. We tailor application builds and updates to your organization's goals. With modern, efficient systems in place, you save money and are free to focus on new areas of innovation.

We've helped hundreds of customers migrate to modern systems and applications. Read the case study to see how Red Hat Consulting helped Sprint move to Red Hat JBoss® Middleware, enhancing Sprint's flexibility and dramatically reducing costs.

Update your systems

Harness the power of the cloud

Red Hat Consulting can help you make the journey to cloud computing. Our complete set of services help you plan, build, and manage a private cloud using your existing multivendor infrastructure.

Our expert consultants assist you to quickly ramp up deployments in the cloud, so you can immediately experience its benefits. Leverage your existing technologies while you accelerate integration and adoption of a cloud environment. We also work to establish a foundation for an intelligent, open hybrid cloud infrastructure that you can use for future cloud initiatives.

We've seen improvements in how we can provide on-demand resources to our artists by leveraging open source and working with Red Hat.

Lans Carstensen
Principal Engineer, DreamWorks Animation
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Begin your journey to the cloud

Drive better efficiency

Today's enterprise infrastructures continue to grow both in size and complexity. System inoperability, low CPU utilization, hardware redundancy, poor systems management, and varied and complex processes are often the results of rapid growth.

Our team can help you navigate through these complexities by bringing standardization, repeatability, and finely tuned processes to your organization. A more efficient development lifecycle will result, driven by more efficient developers, so you in turn can free up time, money, and resources to focus on what matters most: fueling the success of your business.

Let Red Hat tune your processes

Successfully adopt open source

Red Hat is the world's leader in open source technology, bringing together partners, customers, and open source communities to develop solutions that meet real-world problems. Open source technologies such as Linux® have proven to be high-performing, secure, cost-effective alternatives to proprietary solutions.

Red Hat Consulting partners with you to implement the open source solutions that will have the greatest impact in your environment. Our consultants work with you to form communities where you can improve and innovate your own technology. We provide your organization with tools to formalize governance and collaboration strategies, so you can reap the price/performance advantages of open source technologies.

Red Hat was extraordinarily helpful in recommending ways we could improve visibility into open source projects for senior management, nurture the use of open source technologies, & ensure our teams are better able to collaborate by utilizing open source best practices.

Marcelo Tourné
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