Modernize IT to advance the mission

To protect our country, national security agencies must modernize to quickly respond to evolving threats. This means making security assets more sustainable, minimizing challenges in constrained work environments, reducing long-term costs, and sharing the right data—while still protecting it.

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Prioritize cybersecurity across programs

In a world where America’s security is compromised daily by cyberthreats and breaches, agencies like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Justice (DOJ), and groups within the intelligence community need a comprehensive strategy that cuts across programs to prioritize security and improve data protection and information sharing—all within a climate of tight budgets and skill gap challenges.    

As a trusted advisor in IT modernization, Red Hat understands these challenges and meets you where you are to customize solutions and remove barriers to innovation so you can get to mission faster with solutions that are cost efficient, accredited, and compliant with government regulations. 

Unique missions, common challenges 

While each agency has a unique mission to protect the nation, there are common challenges all face beyond strengthening IT security. Often, disconnected legacy solutions inhibit modernization and organizational development—impacting the ability to use automation to fuse large amounts of data and real-time intelligence from multiple, disparate systems to make decisions and act faster.  

Other digital transformation challenges national security agencies face together include:


  • Skill gaps
  • Job stagnation
  • Key personnel retirement
  • Training access and costs


  • Security and compliance
  • Critical certifications
  • Manual workloads
  • Verification
  • Budget constraints
  • Long decision cycles 
  • Distrust among teams


  • Modernizing while maintaining mission-critical legacy systems
  • Data integration
  • Understanding new technology
  • Moving to the cloud

Respond quickly to evolving threats

National security agencies face constantly evolving and technologically sophisticated threats that require quick responses. To protect communities, this means adopting more agile processes that comply with legal regulations. And it requires interoperable technology that improves access to biometric data and support requirements for rapid analysis and identification in the field.


Software-defined law enforcement

Learn how Red Hat helps law enforcement adopt more agile processes and practices, protect communities, and comply with legal regulations.

Analyst Material

The changing face of investigations

See how interoperable technology can improve access to biometric data and support  requirements for rapid analysis and identification in the field.

Watch and learn how national security is protecting its data

Red Hat and Intel are helping law enforcement and national security organizations stand firm against threats - security or otherwise - with modern edge technology.

Raise the bar for cybersecurity and achieve system-wide Zero Trust with the power of automation.

Build an automated foundation with Zero Trust and give IT more time to focus on emerging threats.

Leverage AI and machine learning to turn raw data into actionable insights and make split-second decisions in real time.

Red Hat solutions meet national security needs

Red Hat’s portfolio of open source software (OSS) solutions and extensive partner ecosystem gives national security agencies what they need to achieve their mission. 

Achieve security accreditation and compliance faster

Red Hat offers:

Leadership and tools to help you face accreditation with confidence, including a defensive approach to security using trusted processes to customize and automate the application and validate compliance with agency controls and baselines

Help with migrating to continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) programs, including cryptographically guaranteed manifests and signed application and system content through the Linux Foundation’s Sigstore

A comprehensive plan to meet Zero Trust and identity management requirements and goals, including software bills of materials (SBOMs), vendor testing, NIST 800-171 compliance, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), FedRAMP services, FIPS, Common Criteria, and section 508

Share the right data while still protecting it

Red Hat offers:

Robust data protections using proven approaches like SELinux-based mandatory access controls, including protection for data at rest and data in motion using FIPS-validated cryptographic modules

Enterprise-grade messaging systems to manage, distribute, and mediate data distributed across agencies

Data protections with partners, including certified solutions to provide enhanced data protection capabilities, such as distributed credential and key management systems

Minimize the difficulty of working in constrained environments

Red Hat offers:

Experience and customer support in environments where integration or movement of data, systems, and other aspects of information and communications technology can be a major point of friction

Customization of flexible OSS technologies to meet the needs of the national security community and other stakeholders 

Standardization at scale, including portability, consistency, knowledge, and enterprise perspective—no matter the deployment and whether in the public, private, or multicloud environments, or at the edge

Reduce long-term costs with supported enterprise open source

Red Hat offers:

Maintenance and support, including a commitment to product expertise and identification of best practices and potential issues to help agencies perform well 

A guaranteed life cycle model, including subscriptions not limited to specific versions that define and support the product life cycle with regularly scheduled updates and immediate security patch releases  

A vast global ecosystem of partners, including OSS projects, independent software vendors (ISVs), and hardware software vendors (HSVs) to minimize costs, maximize efficiency and innovation, and avoid vendor lock-in

Nurture the skills and culture change needed to modernize

Red Hat offers:

Guidance through the modernization journey, including DevSecOps processes and tools to help nurture the skills and team dynamics necessary to adopt new technologies

A large partner ecosystem to give national security agencies the support they need to embrace digital transformation

Department of Homeland Security

Red Hat serves as a trusted advisor to help DHS and other federal civilian agencies enhance cybersecurity by spending less time maintaining technology and more time innovating through our managed services offering. And with our Kubernetes and edge computing technologies, we can help agencies digitally transform with agility and flexibility to adopt and implement a modern hybrid cloud strategy that allows you to run what you want, where it needs it to run. 

Department of Justice

As it faces challenges with shadow IT, technical debt, and shifting budget priorities, the DOJ seeks to modernize its IT infrastructure to improve security and manage data better across all of its programs. Red Hat’s open source portfolio provides the flexibility, stability, and security that DOJ requires.

The automation equation infographic


The automation equation

See how Red Hat helps agencies reduce redundancy, strengthen security, and maximize efficiency and agility through automation. 

Enforcement on the edge analyst material

Analyst Material

Enforcement on the edge

As artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) becomes more sophisticated and customizable, learn how agencies can use the power of data to inform decision-making.

Predictive analytics and data management brief


Predictive analytics and data management

Learn how Red Hat data management solutions provide proactive incident response and data analytics to detect hidden threats before harm occurs.

Intelligence Community

To fulfill its mission, the intelligence community must continually stay ahead of its targets and adversaries as they attempt to observe and disrupt American intelligence efforts and develop and deploy defenses and countermeasures. 

This means the intelligence community needs to move quickly to minimize risks, manage information and knowledge, collect significant quantities of useful, highly reliable and actionable data to inform decision making, and improve how it shares critical data across departments, public sector agencies, and allies. 

Red Hat’s open source technologies can help the intelligence community modernize effectively and remain competitive by adopting, developing, and scaling tools for optimized data collection and analysis, including artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML).

Why Red Hat?

Built upon the foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), OpenShift, and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat’s broad portfolio of products and solutions emphasize stability, speed, scale, and security to help national security agencies modernize and achieve their mission to defend and protect the nation. 

Working with our extensive ecosystem of partners, agencies can realize long-term cost savings and avoid vendor lock-in, while enjoying the flexibility to run programs anywhere, any time. As your partner in digital transformation, we focus on modernization, hybrid cloud, and automation while maintaining the important balance among technology, process, and people.