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Leaders in government security standards

As government agencies plan their technology investments, they must carefully balance their needs for efficiency and performance with an equally strong need for security. Red Hat is committed to providing stable technologies that can be employed in data-sensitive environments and that are built on a foundation of security that continues throughout all layers of the software stack. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® provides a trusted platform for OpenStack®, which provides secure multi-tenancy. OpenShift takes advantage of the elasticity of OpenStack to build PaaS, and applications running within OpenShift inherit the security features of underlying layers.

With its Common Criteria certification, Red Hat Enterprise Linux® is the first operating system to create a framework for Linux container technology in the realm of certified computing.

Red Hat can help agencies meet security and risk management goals. Whether your organization is bridging private and public cloud, starting the process for FIPS, FISMA, or NIST 800-53 certification, or trying to increase efficiency with automation, Red Hat’s open source solutions can help public sector IT close the innovation gap.

By every measure, the attacks on government systems are growing in sophistication and numbers. At the same time, IT environments are growing more sophisticated and complex—and thus more difficult to defend. And so agencies must build their security on a resilient foundation that can meet their current security needs while also expanding their digital capabilities.

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The government’s trusted choice for security

Red Hat’s open source solutions are used throughout the federal government, from processing Medicare claims at CMS to handling airplane traffic at FAA to enhancing every tactical vehicle in the DoD, and in all 50 states, meeting the most rigorous security requirements and internationally recognized standards, like Common Criteria.

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