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What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations?

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® for Workstations is optimized for high-performance graphics, animation, and scientific activities–with all the capabilities and applications workstation users need to focus on their tasks and not workstation administration.

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High-performance computing power for human creativity

Organizations need high-end workstations that can be easily supported by their developers and power users, such as digital artists, physicians, scientists, or engineers.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations platform is ideal for embedded use cases where graphics is the focus, like medical imaging, air traffic control, networks or power operations, and flight simulators. It supports the entire enterprise portfolio, from edge devices through datacenter, to the workstation where systems are monitored and controlled, and data is analyzed.


Optimized for high-performance work

An operating system optimized for high-performance and graphically intensive workloads like animation, visual effects (VFX), computer-aided design/computer-aided engineering (CAD/CAE), and scientific research.

Flexible deployment

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations can be deployed across bare-metal, virtualized, and cloud environments. It can be used in virtualized deployments in private cloud environments that use remote access and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology to allow end users to use VM-based workstations.


Certified hardware and software compatibility

Red Hat partners with manufacturers to provide support for common workstation accessories (i.e. drawing tablets, high-definition monitors, security devices, etc.), professional-grade animation/design software, and custom packages for virtualization.

More features and benefits


Front-end modeling system/interface

A front-end modeling system/interface for graphics processing unit (GPU)-intensive workloads can be deployed on high-performance computing (HPC) clusters or supercomputers.

Development tools for provisioning and administration

Software developers can take advantage of app development tools for provisioning and administration, including the Red Hat Satellite Add-On.

Long-term support

With a 10-year life cycle, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations provides users with patches, critical updates, and support–including assistance with installation, usage, problem diagnostics, bug fixes, and more.


Built-in predictive analytics

Included in all Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription offerings, Red Hat Insights is a managed service that delivers continuous vulnerability alerts and targeted guidance to help minimize downtime and other emergencies.


Trusted platform security

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations includes smart card support, encrypted disk (Linux Unified Key Setup), and SELinux to lock down the desktop application environment securely.


Extended maintenance

With the launch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations can also benefit from the Extended Update Support add-on for even more flexibility.

Why Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides organizations what they need to help create the infrastructure they want. And with thousands of certified hardware, software, and cloud partners, Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers a consistent foundation across hybrid environments, supporting virtually any workload and providing the tools needed to deliver services and workloads faster with less effort.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations is optimized for high-performance, graphically intensive workloads. It supports the capabilities and applications that professional workstation users need, plus tools for centralized provisioning and administration, allowing users to focus on tasks that add value to the organization.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations on AWS

Combining Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS brings together the best of both offerings. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations is available now via the AWS Marketplace with support for both GRID and Tesla drivers. This workstation-as-a-service solution provides a fully-featured environment, supporting a variety of hardware instances, while delivering a more powerful set of capabilities unique to AWS.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server can be optimized to run on servers or high-performance workstations and supports a range of hardware architectures like x86, ARM, IBM Power, IBM Z, and IBM LinuxONE. Our deep collaboration with upstream communities and hardware partners makes this possible, bringing you a reliable platform for many use cases and a consistent application environment across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription offerings

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is certified on hundreds of clouds and with thousands of hardware and software vendors, and it can be purchased to support specific use cases like edge computing or SAP workloads.

Read the subscription guide for more details on selecting the subscriptions that best meet your technical and business requirements.

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