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Red Hat Virtualization

Features and benefits

Open virtualization that saves you money

The open nature of Red Hat® Virtualization delivers a lower total cost of ownership—when compared to other solutions. One customer’s return on investment was 71% in the first 16 months.

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Improved workload performance

Red Hat Virtualization virtualizes Linux and Windows workloads for improved performance. CorpFlex has achieved VM performance equal to or better than its proprietary virtualization solution especially for Linux workloads by using Red Hat Virtualization. Improved Linux workload performance has also allowed CorpFlex to optimize their hardware and replace it less often.

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Cross-portfolio, cross-platform integration

Use a single virtualization platform to create, start, stop, pause, migrate, and template hundreds of VMs on hundreds of other hardware or software. Or build a strategy to containerize your virtual machines through integrations with Red Hat OpenShift® and Red Hat OpenShift virtualization.

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Easy to set up

Intuitive tools help you start using Red Hat Virtualization quickly and even help you automate migration from another vendor.

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Easy to use

Red Hat Virtualization has everything you expect from an enterprise virtualization solution: The ability to build, start, stop, pause, migrate, template VMs by the tens or hundreds as well as support for desktop and server profiles.

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Easy to manage

Manage tens, hundreds, even thousands of physical and virtual servers as easily as one using Red Hat Virtualization’s innate management component alongside optional features from Red Hat CloudForms.

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Virtualize your datacenter more affordably