Anatomy of adaptive leaders in APAC: Navigating emerging technologies in economic uncertainty​

A report commissioned by Red Hat and Intel, produced by Economist Impact to help business leaders identify essential leadership traits and enhance their future-readiness capabilities amid economic and technological headwinds.

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The report Anatomy of adaptive leaders in APAC: Navigating emerging technologies in economic uncertainty explores the impact of the current macroeconomic climate on businesses in APAC and examines how business leaders are harnessing emerging technologies to navigate this disruptive landscape across a range of industries in APAC. It also explores how business leaders redefine leadership to convert risks into opportunities. The regional chapters in the report further detail the unique challenges each region faces across APAC (ASEAN, Australia, Greater China, North Asia and India).


Macroeconomic Risks and Opportunities

Leveraging the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) macroeconomic forecasting capabilities to identify the major risks and challenges business leaders face in the near term.

Emerging Technology Landscape

Based on findings from a business leader survey, curated to assess the strategies business leaders use to navigate the technological environment and identify the characteristics which are helping them capture the opportunities and manage the risk.

Adaptive Leadership

Drawing on findings from the same business leaders survey to examine the character traits that business leaders deem critical to navigating economic and technological disruption.

Key Highlights

Macroeconomic Risks and Opportunities

APAC executives are adopting a multipronged approach to de-risk their businesses in the current disruptive environment. 

Emerging Technology Landscape

APAC companies have made significant progress in adopting open source principles and technologies (45% reported high progress).


Fostering innovation under economic pressure is about communicating strategy.

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