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13 AnsibleFest presentations for enterprise architects

The Architect track at AnsibleFest offers a lot of information to help enterprise architects automate better.
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Enterprise architects confront many challenges in their work, and a major one is optimizing performance across IT. Automation plays a significant role in optimizing performance, and Ansible is one of the most popular tools for automation. Therefore, if you want to learn new ideas and best practices around automating IT, AnsibleFest is an excellent place to look.

The free virtual event will be held from 10AM to 2PM ET on September 29 and 30. It includes dozens of keynotes and breakout sessions that explore ways to automate with open source technology. These presentations are broken down into eight tracks, including one specifically for enterprise architects.

The COVID-19 pandemic has again moved AnsibleFest to an online format, which means you don't need to travel to take advantage of this knowledge sharing. And all the general and breakout sessions will be available on demand after the event in case you have more pressing duties during a session's scheduled time.

To make things easy, we've summarized the sessions in the Architecture track. Numerous other sessions might also catch your attention, so make sure to check the catalog for a complete list. Find some that interest you, and register today so that you can watch and learn.

Compliance and security

Policy-based governance helps cloud platforms conform to software engineering, secure engineering, resiliency, security, and regulatory compliance requirements. In Automated policy-based governance using Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management and Ansible Tower, Red Hat's Christian Stark and Gus Parvin will describe how to automate policy-based governance so that you can identify and remediate violations early.

Securing infrastructure and network environments is a top concern for every enterprise architect. In their technical lab Securing your business with DevSecOps and Ansible Automation, Red Hat's Cesar Fernandez Palomares and Rafael Minguillon Sanchez will explain the challenges and solutions to securing critical environments.

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Real-world practices

Are you somewhat familiar with Ansible but not sure how it might benefit your organization in practice? In Ansible automation for enterprise clients: real-world implementations and customer experiences, IBM's Bryant Panyarachun and Daniel Jast will share some of the ways enterprises are using Ansible to expand hybrid cloud implementation and build operating IT automation at scale.

Once enterprises start using Ansible Tower to deploy applications and IT infrastructure, many use it more than they expected—which means they need to scale up. In Automation at large: managing Ansible Tower on a massive scale, Red Hat's Brant Evans and Nicholas Awtry will describe the challenges of running Tower at a large scale and some techniques to combat those challenges.

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Companies use predictive analytics to anticipate practically everything, from a retail customer's next purchase to an impending IT outage. In Gain insights into your Ansible Automation Platform deployment, John Spinks and Roger Lopez of Red Hat will talk about how to use predictive analytics to head off outages, misconfigurations, and other risks in your IT environment.

In The Automation Platform experiences: customers' business cases "best of," Belkacem Moussouni and Victor da Costa from Red Hat will share ways small and large organizations, from the early adopters to those new in the journey, are using automation.

Rudy Lepe started implementing Ansible Tower on 600+ servers for IBM's enterprise performance management team two years ago. In The story about my new teammate: Red Hat Ansible, he will talk about his automation journey's highs and lows.

Automation advantages

An automation-first mindset flips traditional workforce planning on its head; first, you identify everything you can automate; next, you automate it, and then you hire people to do the things you can't automate. Many organizations are considering migrating to an automation-first approach to improve productivity and employee experience and reduce costs. In Life in a day of an automation-first organization, Red Hat's Walter Bentley and Vijay Chebolu will explore what it's like to shift your organization's culture to put automation first.

Manual, repetitive tasks are not only inefficient, but they're also bad for employee engagement. In Positive psychology with Ansible—more innovation, higher profits, less burnout, IT consultant from James Freeman will talk about the psychological benefits of automation.

Collaboration and culture

In addition to the nine breakout sessions above, a series of group panels, keynotes, and demos will look closely at creating an automation culture in your enterprise.

In Creator, admin, user: Supporting automation for everyone, a group from Red Hat and United will share how to extend automation to other users and teams across the enterprise.

People potential: A new vision for automation involves Red Hat personnel sharing how to use open source for automation that is easier to create, share, and manage across organizations and teams.

In Collaboration and community: Engaging with automation, a panel from Red Hat and JP Morgan Chase will discuss the importance of making automation a shared strategy.

The group of Red Hat, Discover, and RedMonk people leading Supporting organization-wide automation efforts will discuss and demo ways to increase visibility and scale automation across the enterprise.

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Register today

There are many opportunities for enterprise architects to expand their knowledge of automation in general and Ansible in particular at AnsibleFest. Please check the conference schedule for the time of each session and register so that you don't miss any of these opportunities to learn.

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