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What's your favorite architectural diagramming tool for IT infrastructure?

Designing graphics of advanced architectures is a key part of an enterprise architect's life.
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What is your go-to architecture diagramming tool?


Diagramming is an essential part of any enterprise architecture strategy. Choosing a tool to bring your vision to life is an important choice enterprise architects make every day.

And we all have favorite tools. I have been going through some common choices of cloud architects and network architects to document what I find along the way.  When exploring the options, some well-known and trusted tools come to mind, but we also see a wide range of newer upstarts on the market. 

So I'm shifting the conversation to you: what's your favorite diagramming software?

Vote in this poll to give us a better idea and we'll take some time to explore it in future articles. As a bonus, if you'd like to share more on how you use diagramming tools, send a note to the editorial team! We'd love to learn from you.

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