Container-native storage and Red Hat Gluster Storage roadmap

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In this session, Sayandeb Saha and Sudhir Prasad from Red Hat discuss exciting innovations in the world of Gluster and Red Hat's container-native storage offering based on Red Hat Gluster Storage. Gluster Storage started out as a distributed filesystem in Red Hat six years ago, and it has come a long way since then. It is now Red Hat’s technology choice for containerized storage with Kubernetes, and the storage component for Red Hat’s first hyperconverged solution with Red Hat Virtualization.

Red Hat's container-native storage offering runs containerized Gluster Storage as Kubernetes pods inside Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. It provides a consistent storage experience for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift across the hybrid cloud. With significant new features, performance, and stability, Gluster Storage and container-native storage are compelling alternatives for traditional storage platforms, as well as an extremely valuable consistent storage layer on premise and across the three major public clouds.

Learn more about the past, present, and future of these products in this session.

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