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Darrell Jordan-Smith

Senior Vice President, Industries and Global Accounts

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In his role as Senior Vice President of Industries and Global Accounts, Darrell Jordan-Smith is focused on building comprehensive ecosystems that bring together teams, communities, and technologies to generate new revenue, adopt innovative technology, and build agile, open, and integrated platforms for infrastructure, data, and applications.

He has more than 30 years of experience in the information technology field, leading global organizations focused on key high-growth industries including telecommunications, finance, and other high-growth sectors.

Before joining Red Hat in 2013, Jordan-Smith was Vice President and head of Sun Microsystems/Oracle’s Global OEM business. At Sun Microsystems’ communications and media business, he helped global revenue surpass $4.6 billion annually through the development of the company’s Telco Platform Group, which helped establish Java ME, Carrier Grade Solaris, and Netra SPARC as leading platforms for application development.