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Dr Nikola Nikolov, AI/HPC infrastructure solution engineer at Supermicro

Dr Nikola Nikolov

AI/HPC infrastructure solution engineer at Supermicro

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Nikola Nikolov is AI/HPC solutions engineer from Supermicro. Nikola received PhD in Nuclear Physics from the University of Knoxville, Tennessee focused on large-scale HPC computations in Nuclear Astrophysics at Oak Ridge National Laboratory under National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Stewardship grant. 

Before joining the industry, he spent last years in academics designing experiments with CERN Isolde collaboration and Cosmic Neutrino Detection with Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Prior to Supermicro, Nikola worked at KLA+ Inc. (former KLA-Tencor) as Big Data and ML developer in semiconductor industry. He designed HBase, Big-Table, and Data Lake infrastructures for Anomaly Detection and Failure Predictive analysis of semiconductor equipment. These Big-Data systems have been implemented successfully by major chip manufacturing companies like TSMC, Samsung, and SK Hynix. 

Nikola has published both Peer-Reviewed academic articles in top scientific journals like Physical Review Letters and Nature, as well as engineering papers in Big Data management.

In the last 8 years he have focused mainly on public and hybrid cloud solutions with AWS and Google Cloud Platform. In Supermciro, Nikola works mostly into designing cutting edge AI/HPC infrastructure solutions as well as validating AI/HPC systems via MLPerf and HPC benchmarking.