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Mitesh Sharma

Mitesh Sharma

Senior Architect

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Mitesh is a dedicated professional who began his career at Red Hat as an Instructor, laying the foundation for his journey with the company. Since joining in 2018, he has continually demonstrated his passion for technology and his commitment to excellence. Mitesh's primary focus has been enabling partners to effectively utilize Red Hat's Ansible Automation Platform and OpenShift products, showcasing his deep expertise in these technologies.

Currently serving as a content developer, Mitesh plays a pivotal role in creating demos for the Sales team, specifically focusing on Ansible Automation Platform and OpenShift. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he crafts engaging and impactful demonstrations that effectively highlight the value and capabilities of these products. Recently, Mitesh made significant contributions by developing a demo that emphasizes the importance of a Secure Supply Chain, improving the integrity and security of software throughout its lifecycle. Additionally, he actively works on Red Hat's latest offerings, including Event-Driven Ansible and Ansible Lightspeed, which aim to revolutionize automation and enhance operational efficiency.