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Automation skills have been a hot commodity over the past few years. Companies may want to use automation to free their employees from rote work, like applying the same security patch across hundreds of machines, so they have more time to participate in high-value innovation efforts.

Ansible technology has been at the forefront of hot automation skills. For example, the 2021 Stack Overflow survey found Ansible technology to be the eighth most loved tool—with similar results found in the 2020 edition of this survey.  And if you do a LinkedIn job search, the results include thousands of jobs where “Ansible” skills are mentioned. As automation grows, there has never been a better time to expand your Ansible skills and knowledge.  

You will find a wide range of options for learning Ansible, and this post highlights some ways that allow you to learn at your own pace—sometimes for free—both formally and informally. These assets reflect the latest news about this technology. Without further ado, here is the list: 

1. Listen to AnsibleFest 2021

Now on demand, listen to as much of this signature event as you like. The keynotes are highly recommended. You can also explore tracks that cover specific use cases like network and security automation, cloud automation and more. Note that access is free, but you will need to log in first, between now and the end of March.

2.  Learn how to get started with our on-demand webinar collection

We have packaged our best “getting started” webinars into this convenient and easy-to-use collection. Explore the basics of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform as well as network and security automation.

3. Take a free training course

Red Hat offers the D007 Ansible Basics: Automation Technical Overview at no charge. This course contains a series of sections covering how it works, using commands, understanding the Automation controller and more. If you wish to go deeper, refer to this Ansible skills path, which includes courses that may have an associated cost.

4. Build a playbook 

Running automation with Ansible requires the creation of a playbook. Ansible playbooks are files written with YAML syntax and describe the desired configuration or steps to implement on managed hosts. Explore our resources on YAML, working with playbooks, and Ansible best practices.

5. Learn a new automation use case

Do you already know Ansible technology? You may be interested in how to apply it to other needs. These pages contain technical videos, instructional ebooks and more. 

6. Explore Ansible Automation Platform 2

Ansible Automation Platform has been redefined for the evolving realities of computing at hybrid cloud scale. The latest version of the platform adds self-contained automation capabilities while shifting automation into the application development life cycle. You can download the latest version directly from the Red Hat Customer Portal, or sign up for a free trial. This quick reference guide can support your efforts with brief descriptions of capabilities, links to documentation and more.

7. Catch up on some great technical blogs on automation

Prefer more informal learning? Explore these automation blog posts, written by Red Hat and other technical experts.

8. Explore the automation architect role

Thinking about advancing into an IT architect role? Then consider becoming an automation architect. This post on ways to architect your enterprise automation strategy can give you a glimpse into the role and this best practices paper can help you learn more. You can also find some sessions on the AnsibleFest “Architect” track (login required, available until end of March).    

Time to automate

Red Hat resources like these can help you not only build your automation skills, but also have some fun while doing it! Watch this short video that explains very quickly what automation can do for IT teams.

About the author

Cindy Russell is a Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager for Ansible Automation Platform.

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