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Back in October 2007 we announced that our ISV catalog passed the 3,000 mark . And as of last November we stated that we actually have 3,400 certified applications.

This is exciting - we point out the number of certified applications to demonstrate our firm foothold in the overall software ecosystem. Its also a validation point for the proliferation of open source, our ISV catalog has experienced impressive growth - customers want applications that work on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware. Simply put, its a symbiotic relationship. A strong ISV catalog is good for Red Hat and Red Hat’s growing ISV catalog presents opportunities for software vendors.

So now that we’ve got all of these application vendors its time for us to look for ways to enhance the ecosystem. Already, we provide many opportunities for co-marketing and ecosystem support, but we want to do more. This is a very important stakeholder group for Red Hat and we want to reward this commitment to Red Hat. In the coming months you can expect us to look for more ways to facilitate, market and promote our application vendor community; to bring new business opportunities to these vendors; and to streamline their interactions with Red Hat.

Our ISVs need to get as much value as possible from their partnership with Red Hat. We plan to provide improved tools that will facilitate marketing, business opportunities and ISV engagement. We invite you to take a look at our partner program, participate and give us feedback.

To learn more about Red Hat’s ISV Partner Program, or the applications certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, click here.

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