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Our collaboration with Red Hat and Intel is taking a significant step forward with the integration of AI into Telenor’s 5G Edge Cloud. The connections between AI, IoT and 5G are driving greater efficiency, productivity and customer experiences across many sectors, from automotive and industrial manufacturing, to transport, utilities and smart cities. Now, Telenor's 5G Edge Cloud running on Red Hat OpenShift can manage and analyze large data sets, including images and videos in real time.

For decades, we have used data analytics and insights to make better decisions. Last year this took a step forward with ChatGPT and generative AI. It is certainly a level up to be able to conduct AI model training and generate completely new insights. This creates enormous opportunities for industry, healthcare and society at large. It requires 5G as well as decentralized infrastructure capable of handling large amounts of data and running complex AI in real time - right at the data source or end user. That is what we are currently developing together with Red Hat and Intel. 



Making AI more accessible

We held a hackathon recently at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm to test functions and models for AI and machine learning. This was an important step for us in developing and testing the Telenor 5G Edge Cloud solution.

Now we are calling for companies that are ready to develop their IoT solutions with AI and want to test their data and models in real time. The goal is to provide a cutting edge platform that can handle heavy and complex calculations and at the same time is as simple, secure and sustainable as possible. We want to make it available to all types of companies, even those without large budgets.

Telenor, Intel and Red Hat’s combined ecosystem of services can provide the technology and support that businesses need to get up and running with their projects. We can help speed up the testing process right from the regional edge cloud to the cameras and sensors in local environments. We are excited to create and test new AI and IoT solutions with our customers and bring their designs to life. 

Malina Borg Sigg, 5G expert at Telenor Sweden

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About the author

Malina is a strategic product manager for edge computing at Telenor Sweden, where she leads the company's advanced 5G services strategy. Her background is in cloud and 5G, with roles at companies including Telenor, ALTEN and Cybercom. She has a Master of Science in Industrial Management and Engineering; Applied IT, from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

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