If you’ve already used Fedora, you know that NetworkManager is the absolute easiest way to handle networking for users. Wired, wireless, DSL, even VPN – all just a couple clicks away without any mucking about with configuration files. NetworkManager is so easy that every other major distribution also includes this feature. And like many other features throughout Linux, it’s a free software contribution by Red Hat for use by people everywhere.

In Fedora 9, we also made mobile broadband a snap, with many popular cards supported out of the box. You can get internet connectivity wherever you go using Fedora, however you like. And of course, since NetworkManager works great on our Live USB keys, your Fedora can travel with you in your pocket, with a complete and easy networking solution built in.

But we’ve already upped the ante for Fedora 10 even before we issued the Beta – with connection sharing. If you’ve got one internet connection running, like that handy mobile broadband card, you can easily make it available to your friends or coworkers. Running an impromptu hackfest? Need to collaborate with business partners at the airport? Fedora and NetworkManager make it easy.
It’s as simple as one, two, three.

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