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Software development in 2022: 5 realities CIOs should know

Software never really changes. Software development – how people write and deliver those instructions – changes regularly, on the other hand. Certain principles stay more or less the same over time, but many facets of how software gets made – languages and libraries, methodologies, tools, packaging, testing, and so forth – continuously evolve. With that, the realities of what it means to build and operate software – and what it means to build and lead a software development team – have likewise shifted. The Enterpriser Project examines five modern software development realities that successful IT leaders understand.




Intelligent CIO - Employers centralizes insurance apps on Red Hat OpenShift

To compete in an increasingly digital market, workers’ compensation insurance company Employers sought to streamline its operational processes. The company decided to create a central application environment with Red Hat OpenShift and automate policy processes with Red Hat management and middleware solutions. Now, Employers has a foundation for agile, responsive workflows, leading to a 40% increase in three-year sales and a more efficient customer experience. Guidance from Red Hat’s technology experts helps Employers continue finding new opportunities to innovate and outpace its competition.




How Does Data Help Shape Movies?

Movies are culturally important. They transform language and communication. Motion pictures present fantasy worlds we can get lost in, helping us understand the world differently. Discussing data and movies can make the fantasy seem…a little less fantastic. It can feel sterile, mass produced, and devoid of imagination. But data is vital, both for those behind the camera and those sitting in theaters (or at home). This episode will cover some ways data science and machine learning can inform filmmaking, from conception to post-production.



TrustyAI - an open source project looking to solve AI’s bias

In this interview, Rebecca Whitworth, Manager, Software Engineering at Red Hat lifts the lid on open source project TrustyAI — built on Red Hat OpenShift and Kogito — and the challenge of AI bias that it's hoping to address.



IT Brew - All hands on deck: Gov officials call for cybersecurity help from…everyone

At RSA 2022, collaboration within the IT industry was a key topic to defend against cybersecurity attacks. A roundtabl of government officials stated that, "Going up against a highly organized set of attackers requires a highly organized set of defenders."


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