Welcome to the new Ansible Community Forum

Red Hat is excited to announce the launch of the new Ansible Community Forum - a single starting point for questions and help, development discussions, events, and much more. Everyone is invited, whether you are an Ansible user, contributor or developer, we are all community. Learn more

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TelecomTV - Navigating telecom’s shift to cloud-native architectures

As the telecom industry experiences a shift from conventional frameworks to cloud-based architectures, we explore the implications of the cloud-native paradigm. Blake Shiver, vice president of global cloud partners at Red Hat, joins TelecomTV to demystify what ‘cloud-native’ means for telecommunications players. Unravel the complexities, understand the benefits, and discover why this transition is more than just a technological trend. Learn more

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DISA STIG for Red Hat OpenShift is now available

To help government agencies and regulated industries embrace cloud-native innovation at scale while enhancing their security posture, Red Hat is pleased to announce the publication of the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for Red Hat OpenShift 4. The guide is available for download at the Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Exchange. Learn more

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Heavy Networking - Ep 699: Connecting Multicloud Kubernetes Clusters With Virtual Application Networks

Red Hat's Ted Ross joins Heavy Networking to discuss Virtual Application Networks, or VANs. He breaks down VANs and dives deeper into the Skupper.io project. Learn more

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Deploy containerized applications with Red Hat Insights Edge Management and Podman

Red Hat Enterprise Linux's edge management capabilities are now built into Red Hat Insights to help organizations more securely manage and scale deployments at the edge. When combined with Podman, a powerful container engine that provides everything needed to run containers and groups of containers, known as pods, the amount of work required to maintain applications is minimized due to the increased automation and simplicity built into the solution. Learn more

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