Starting the play.

Red Hat Insights is a powerful tool in administration automation. As Victor Estival Lopez said in his post Red Hat Insights in CloudForms, Red Hat Insights is

"a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that helps you proactively identify and resolve technical risks in your IT infrastructure before they negatively impact your whole environment. Insights enables you to identify potential outages and fix things faster using verified solutions that are analyzed against Red Hat’s knowledge base"

If you have Red Hat Insights, you have probably already seen that it is possible to create a plan or playbook. A playbook contains the definition about a task to be completed for a configuration on a managed server. The playbooks generated from Red Hat Insights can provide automated fixes for the bugs that affect the systems you select.

In Red Hat Insights, where to click?

You can create a plan with one or more playbooks, you may select (see below) the actions you want to add to your inventory and click "save" button.

Screenshot from 2017-08-21 15-55-03.png

After that you can download the playbook.

Screenshot from 2017-08-21 15-59-02.png

But for Red Hat Ansible Tower, you don’t need to download, just… click click!

If you have Red Hat Ansible Tower you can configure your Red Hat Insights credential and add a project, as explained in Ansible Tower documentation: Setting up an Insights Project, and click the update button under the Insights project.

Nice and easy.

You can integrate this with your Red Hat Insights in CloudForms by enabling embedded Red Hat Ansible in CloudForms.

Special thanks!

Many thanks to Victor Estival Lopez who provided the two blog posts that helped me reach this "how to".


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