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OpenShift Commons Japan Keynote by Ashesh Badani


Do you have any questions about the future of the OpenShift platform? Wondering what we're working on for the future? Get the answer straight from the horse's mouth as the man with the plan whose in charge of the OpenShift business unit here at Red Hat, Ashesh Badani, details the future of the platform at OpenShift Commons Japan.

Book Recommendations


Diane Mueller and Jabe Bloom go through some of the best technical and open source books released in 2020.


OCR: Risk, Vulnerability and the Precarity of Identiy with Gregory Vigneaux


Gregory Vigueaux (Adapt Institute) will join Jabe Bloom and Diane Mueller (Red Hat) to discuss organizational identity and the processes that continually reproduce it as two key frames for understanding and evaluating risk. The vulnerability of identity and its reproduction are then explored while offering insights into resilience and adaptive capacity.


GitOps Happy Hour

Join Christian Hernandez, GitOps Extraordinaire, for a journey through how to achieve GitOps in any number of ways.



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