IBM is fully embracing Red Hat OpenShift. The company recently announced that it will use Red Hat OpenShift as the primary container environment for all its hybrid cloud offerings. This includes IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Paks running on OpenShift, an entire field of IBM consultants and services people being trained on OpenShift, and OpenShift on IBM Power Systems and Storage, IBM Z and LinuxONE enterprise platforms. With this move, Red Hat OpenShift has become the preferred Kubernetes platform for IBM to address the needs of increasingly critical container workloads.

With Red Hat OpenShift running on top of IBM’s cloud and systems, existing IBM customers can unlock the hybrid cloud model for software developers and systems architects. OpenShift can transform IBM systems that have been optimized for data, transaction processing and AI workloads into another resource for container-based infrastructure, inside the fold when it comes to networking, APIs and data access controls.

IBM is bringing OpenShift to its public cloud. While Red Hat already offers OpenShift as a service in a number of major clouds with OpenShift Dedicated, on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift, the offering of OpenShift on IBM public cloud is another way to provide fast deployments in a fully-managed offering. With these options and more, Red Hat OpenShift is offering a true hybrid multicloud platform.

IBM is now offering:

  • IBM Cloud Paks: A set of five pre-integrated, enterprise-grade solutions built on OpenShift and a combination of containerized IBM and Red Hat software and services designed for specific use cases such as application modernization, multicloud management, data analytics, low code development and enterprise integration.
  • Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud: A flexible, fully-managed service of OpenShift on IBM’s public cloud – deployable in one-click with automated resiliency, compliance, and security – to help enterprises modernize and migrate to a hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z and LinuxOne: IBM is expanding on-premises support for Red Hat OpenShift with IBM Systems. IBM will bring Red Hat OpenShift to the IBM Z and LinuxONE enterprise platforms, which collectively power more than 30 billion transactions a day globally. 
  • IBM consulting and technology services: New IBM services delivered by one of the world’s largest teams of Red Hat certified-consultants with more than 80,000 practitioners to help clients advise, move, build, and manage their workloads to cloud environments. 

At Red Hat, we’re committed to bringing the open hybrid cloud to IT organizations around the world, regardless of hardware footprint or technical environment. These new IBM offerings, along with our extensive existing collaborations with every major hardware and public cloud infrastructure provider, showcase this promise as we work to expand customer choice in embracing the next wave of open innovation.

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