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At Red Hat, making sure our customers’ and partners' voices are heard is our top priority. Collecting and listening to feedback helps us to improve the experience our users have with Red Hat’s products, services and people.  

In honor of October 4th being Customer Experience (CX) Day, we are sharing an inside look into several ways that our Customer and Partner Experience team works to provide our customers and partners with opportunities to share their thoughts. Whether it be through surveys, research events or focus groups, we are always working to compile the best insights possible to improve your experience.

Read on to learn about some of the ways that the Red Hat Customer and Partner Experience team collects feedback and works to understand and improve the customer and partner experience. 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey 

Red Hat utilizes the NPS survey as a means to gauge customer and partner experience and loyalty. The survey is designed to measure the health of relationships over time and helps Red Hat prioritize improvement actions based on feedback. 

Red Hat distributes two NPS surveys–one for customers and one for partners. The ultimate objective of our NPS survey program is to improve the quality of our solutions and services we provide so that you can better achieve your business goals. All feedback is useful and is leveraged to target initiatives that improve your experience with Red Hat. 

The NPS surveys are distributed every six months. We encourage you to invest a few minutes to share your voice through these surveys. We’d love to hear from you!

Customer Effort Score (CES) survey

Unlike the NPS metric, the CES survey measures a customer’s ease of use. When a technical support case is closed, a survey invitation is sent to customers. Feedback from this touchpoint allows us to understand your experience with a support case and helps to drive our support improvement initiatives. The CES survey includes questions around time to resolve an issue and whether the technical engineer involved fully understood and solved the support case.  

We compile insights from our CES survey and look for areas of improvement based on trends and results from responses on a regular basis. Several recent enhancements have come directly from the feedback we have received, including improvements to our Portal Case Management tool and efforts to make sure we are effectively and efficiently responding to customer support cases. 

CX360 and PX360

While our NPS and CES surveys give us a glimpse into some key moments that matter, our CX360 (Customer Experience 360) is an end-to-end approach we have implemented to continuously measure the customer experience throughout a customer’s Red Hat journey. Through this model, we are able to measure, evaluate and improve performance and actions, from customer onboarding all the way to time of renewal. 

We also have a similar, but separate, framework for partners called PX360 (Partner Experience 360). Similar to CX360, this model is designed to aid and reshape the way that we listen to and act on our partner’s journey with Red Hat.   

Research events and focus groups

Another way our team collects feedback is through qualitative research, a non-numerical measurement of opinions and viewpoints. This type of feedback helps us to gain a deeper understanding of customer and partner issues or motivations, to help us understand the "why" behind our numeric metrics. There are several ways in which we collect qualitative feedback, including focus groups, interviews and events conducted virtually, on-site or a combination of the two. Through events and research, we are able to put a spotlight on what our customers and partners think of our company and products, giving our teams the insights needed to improve the overall Red Hat experience. 

Your voice counts

Red Hat is truly focused on being a customer- and partner-centric organization, with customer and partner voices being a driving force behind our decisions and solutions. Through our many listening efforts, we distill insights that help us fix pain points earlier, more effectively prioritize which updates and enhancements are needed, and put customers and partners at the very core of Red Hat.

Your insights are critically important and we want to hear from you. If you have feedback that you’d like to share, please reach out directly to our Customer and Partner Experience team at To keep up with enhancements made to our products and services based on user feedback, check out our You Asked. We Acted. Page.

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Red Hat's Customer and Partner Experience team works to drive customer and partner success by collecting, analyzing and operationalizing feedback. The team works with all areas of Red Hat to drive enhancements based on the feedback we receive from users.

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