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It’s been nearly a full year since we relaunched Kube by Example, the free online training portal for technical professionals looking to learn more about Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies. Since then, Kube by Example has continued to grow in many ways.

Today, we are announcing five new learning paths available in Kube by Example covering some of the top Kubernetes technologies today:

  • Istio: This learning path includes everything a cluster administrator needs to know to get started deploying Istio, an open source service mesh platform that provides a way to control how microservices share data with one another. This hands-on learning path walks you through the sidecar and envoy proxy concepts, a guide to install Istio on a minikube cluster, implement Kubernetes standard ingress resources, and set up Istio traffic management features to split traffic between different versions of an application.
  • Knative is an event-driven serverless platform for Kubernetes. Learn how to use the Serving and Eventing components of Knative to deploy, version control, configure and auto-scale your serverless applications to seamlessly handle traffic spikes for your applications.
  • Kubernetes Security: Adopting security best practices and creating alignment across teams can seem daunting for even the most seasoned teams. This high level learning path takes learners through the basics of Kubernetes security and the attack surface developers need to be aware of. The course highlights some of the vital security features and hardening techniques developers need to know before deploying applications in Kubernetes.
  • Load Balancing with MetalLB: MetalLB implements the load balancer functionality for local or bare metal Kubernetes clusters that are not deployed in cloud environments. Learn what a cluster administrator needs to know to implement basic load balancer functionality for local or bare metal Kubernetes clusters.
  • Storage for Kubernetes with Rook: Learn from the Rook maintainers how to deploy and manage your own storage platform in production Kubernetes clusters, whether your clusters are running in the cloud or on bare metal. Rook manages Ceph to provide an enterprise storage platform for block, shared filesystem, and object storage (s3).

In addition to the new learning paths, we are previewing a new Kube by Example community forum, which we expect to have fully up and running later this year. Users will be able to connect with one another and discuss topics ranging from Kube by Example lessons and learning paths, Kubernetes and containers strategies and architecture, career advice and job prospects, and more. Sponsored by Red Hat Learning, the KBE community forum will also give users a better opportunity to interact with the subject matter experts and thought leaders who are contributing to the site.
Check out the new learning paths and join the KBE community forum today!

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Mithun T. Dhar is Vice President and General Manager of Developer Tools and Programs at Red Hat. He is responsible for leading Red Hat's overall strategy and engagement with enterprise developers, as well as the go-to-market strategy for Red Hat's portfolio of application development tools. Prior to Red Hat, Dhar held senior positions at Citrix, Edifecs, HERE Technologies, Microsoft and SAP Concur. 

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