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Red Hat is excited to be joining Microsoft Build this year! From May 21st to May 23rd, come visit the Red Hat booth in Seattle, Washington. Visit with our experts and hear about our Developer Experience at Red Hat and Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift, along with other Red Hat products. 

If you are joining digitally, make sure to check out Red Hat’s session. 

Title: Driving Innovation through Azure Red Hat OpenShift and Azure OpenAI

Speakers: Courtney Grosch, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat; Ignacio Riesgo, Senior Director Developer Marketing Strategy, Red Hat
Abstract: Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift drives the building and deploying of your AI-enabled applications, on a modern comprehensive application platform. By pairing Azure OpenAI with Azure Red Hat OpenShift your organization can pave the path for innovation and artificial intelligence. In this session, learn about the consistency of Azure Red Hat OpenShift, your modernization journey in building, deploying, and managing applications, and walk through a demo of creating a chatbot using Azure OpenAI.

You can register for the session here.

Red Hat Summit 2024

Last week, Azure Red Hat OpenShift had some exciting announcements at the Red Hat Summit in Denver, Colorado. Ortec Finance, a leading global provider of technology and solutions for risk and return management, has built a cloud-native platform for solutions delivery using Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift. Read the announcement.

We also announced that Red Hat OpenShift AI is supported on Azure Red Hat OpenShift. Red Hat OpenShift AI supported on Azure Red Hat OpenShift allows users to quickly train and test their generative AI models without waiting for infrastructure provisioning.  Read about the benefits of deploying Red Hat OpenShift AI on a managed application platform here

Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift new feature releases:

Alongside our presence at events, our teams have been busy adding new features to Azure Red Hat OpenShift. Learn about the releases below.

ARO support in Azure Terraform Provider

The AzureRM Terraform provider now supports managing Azure Red Hat OpenShift resources. Through this resource, you are able to leverage Infrastructure as Code approaches to managing the cluster. Hashicorp Terraform is an infrastructure-as-code tool that lets customers define infrastructure resources in human-readable configuration files that can be versioned, reused and shared.

Leveraging Infrastructure as code is a great way for customers to deploy ARO clusters at scale in a repeatable and consistent manner. Get started using the Terraform provider today.

Bring your own Network Security Groups

As your business upgrades its cloud technology, ensuring securing scaling of your environments is crucial. Red Hat and Microsoft are continuously adding features to meet your security needs in a consistent approach.  Customers will be able to attach their own NSGs that include both your organization’s security rules and ARO service rules. This will be applied to both master and worker subnets before installing ARO clusters with a flag indicating the presence of the NSGs. 

ARO Console text

Azure Monitor Signals

Customers will now be able to provide Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster Resource Health and integration with Azure Monitor Signals. Azure Monitor signals can be configured to generate alerts based on signals from Azure Red Hat OpenShift clusters. Read about it in the documentation

ARO Console


The above image shows resource health monitoring and where alerts would show up.

New GPU instance types

Azure Red Hat OpenShift now supports new GPU instance types that are aimed at Day 2 operations. The following GPU instance types are now supported:

  • ND96asr_v4
  • NC24ads_A100_v4
  • NC48ads_A100_v4
  • NC96ads_A100_v4
  • ND96amsr_A100_v4

Taiwan North Region is now available

Azure Red Hat OpenShift is now supported in the Taiwan North region providing more availability and fault tolerance to customers in this area. Learn more about supported regions.  

Jointly engineered, operated and supported by Red Hat and Microsoft, Azure Red Hat OpenShift continues to help organizations modernize, build and deploy applications all built on the consistent Red Hat OpenShift comprehensive application platform.

For upcoming Azure Red Hat OpenShift updates read more.

Learn more  about ARO today. 

About the authors

Courtney started at Red Hat in 2021 on the OpenShift team. With degrees in Marketing and Economics and certificates through AWS and Microsoft she is passionate about cloud computing and product marketing.

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