This post highlights the new ways that users can purchase as their hosted container image registry service of choice.

The Quay team is very excited to announce that is now available on the AWS Marketplace. This expands upon the existing credit-card based subscriptions to boost user access. Additionally, entitlements can now be ordered directly through your Red Hat sales representative. This will make it easier for users to facilitate billing for their paid organizations and to pay for usage upfront as part of enterprise budgeting cycles. 

Up until now, the purchase of private repositories on has been limited to personal credit cards with an external billing provider that is not integrated with the Red Hat Order Management Process. Users were only able to purchase the service directly through the site, which requires a valid credit card to complete the transaction and is charged monthly. Additionally, paying users for weren’t directly able to interact with Red Hat support channels like the Red Hat Customer Portal to recognize their subscription status or file support tickets. These changes will make it easier and more accessible to access full feature benefits of Red Hat

Expanded availability now offers purchases directly through Red Hat Sales representatives or the AWS Marketplace. AWS users can leverage their AWS billing account and apply funds from their hybrid committed spend budget to seamlessly pay for and start leveraging private repositories and team management features.

Flexible purchase options

Whether customers purchase directly through Red Hat or via the AWS Marketplace, they can now flexibly order the required amounts of private repositories in multiples of 100 as part of a stackable, yearly subscription that comes with Red Hat’s 24x7 Premium Support. Volume-based discounts are available as well.

Customers owning multiple organizations on can easily purchase multiple, separate subscriptions containing the required amount of private repository entitlements. When they log into with their Red Hat account, they can then flexibly assign their available subscriptions to any organization they have administrative access to. Should capacity needs change, they customers order additional subscriptions to supplement additional private repository entitlements at any time.

Users can still purchase with a credit card directly through and these users will also start to see their monthly subscription in the Red Hat Customer Portal. From now on, users can manage support requests directly from the portal, just any other Red Hat product subscription.

This adjustment is part of an ongoing effort to integrate better into Red Hat’s managed services offerings while keeping it open as a hub for collaboration in the open source community. Recently, we made the new UI available inside the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console and moved the status page of over to By expanding purchasing options, it is easier to take advantage of and have a smooth transition to a managed container service registry.

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