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Partners are very important to Red Hat and JBoss’ continued momentum in the IT market.
We have a long history of partnering with technology leaders like IBM, Intel and Cisco. We even have a history of forming relationships with unlikely partners. One common thread that links these partners to us is their desire to align themselves with the open standards and the organic growth that has carried Red Hat to where we are today.

One partner that has embraced open standards since its inception has been Dell. In fact Dell’s principal Linux architect, Matt Domsch, continues to be an elected member of the Fedora Board. Dell and Red Hat are both committed to open standards which allow customers to free themselves from proprietary lock-in. It is what brings customer choice IN and ushers OUT the stranglehold that IT vendors can have on their customers - ultimately, in our opinion, keeping them from innovating and carving out their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

This is where Dell and Red Hat continue to find common ground. Both companies embrace open standards and have built their businesses on providing non-proprietary solutions to drive value in the data center.

One area in particular where we are deepening our partnership is with our JBoss division. We are seeing momentum in the adoption of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware portfolio which we expect to continue to strengthen. And our customers are asking us for a complete enterprise solution stack, including an integrated hardware set that plays to the strengths of the JBoss product portfolio. So it is no surprise that we’ve turned to Dell to deliver the value that our customers have come to expect.

Dell has built their empire on delivering high-value, customizable hardware, selling directly to their customers at an attractive price point. Our customers have already taken advantage of the combination of JBoss Enterprise Middleware running on Dell.

Over 40 joint customers have successfully deployed JBoss on Dell PowerEdge Servers. From financial services, healthcare and manufacturing companies to the public sector and retail organizations, customers are embracing this partnership. We believe that combining JBoss and Dell lets customers simplify IT by improving application performance, lowering security risks and easing operational complexity. The Travel Channel and Booz Allen Hamilton are just two of our customers that are taking advantage of the value and performance offered through this hardware and middleware combination.

Stay tuned for more information on our expanding partnership with Dell. In the meantime be sure to check out our Dell partner page with links to whitepapers, webinars and email alerts.

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