With the release of OpenShift Container Platform 4.10, Red Hat and Alibaba have collaborated to include Installer Provisioned Infrastructure (IPI) support as Technology Preview for Alibaba Cloud. We invite customers to try out the single-click fully-automated OpenShift 4 installation on Alibaba Cloud and provide us feedback.

Alibaba Cloud, the digital intelligence and technology backbone of Alibaba Group, and a Red Hat Certified Cloud Service Provider (CCSP) partner since 2017, provides compute, storage and network for both the expanding China and international markets.

“Having IPI ready is an important step towards providing more support and options for our customers. It’s also a significant milestone for our partnership with Red Hat.”

- Lancelot Guo, VP of Alibaba Group, & GM of Ecosystem & Sales Operations, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

With Technology Preview, customers can deploy Openshift 4 on Alibaba cloud within one hour from cloud.redhat.com. The fully automated installation allows customers to select the Alibaba region where they want to deploy the Openshift 4 cluster. The installation automatically provisions Alibaba Cloud resources including VPC, vSwitch, ECS, SLB, EBS, OSS, Alibaba Cloud DNS and NAT gateway, which creates the necessary infrastructure to provision three Openshift controller nodes and three Openshift worker nodes. Beyond the initial automated installation, IPI provides auto scaling of worker nodes by provisioning new ECS instances, installing Openshift on the new instances, and automatically joins them to the cluster.


“The engineering effort was in response to our joint customers' need for a smoother support and user experience for OpenShift workloads on Alibaba Cloud.”

- Andrew Habgood, Red Hat,  VP, Partner Ecosystem.

To learn more about OpenShift on Alibaba Cloud, refer to OpenShift Documentation, or reach out to Red Hat Sales for more information.