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Between new business demands and general complexities of the modern organization, a big challenge that you’re likely facing is the need for application and infrastructure modernization.

How do you balance the old and the new? VMs are a crucial part of IT environments, but containers and cloud computing have become the new norm. And what is the best and most efficient way to modernize and migrate? Answering this question becomes more difficult when you’re looking across multiple platforms and environments.

To help simplify this, Red Hat & AWS have partnered to help our customers take advantage of Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization on Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA). Red Hat & AWS introduced our jointly managed service, ROSA, in 2021. Running OpenShift Virtualization on ROSA provides more flexibility and capabilities when you’re looking to modernize your applications by moving to AWS. With OpenShift Virtualization on ROSA  you can  run your VMs and containers on a familiar OpenShift platform and benefit from a consistent operational experience.

Accelerate your migration to the cloud

OpenShift Virtualization on ROSA reduces the time, complexities and expertise required to migrate VMs to the cloud. Running VMs & containers side by side provides a significant advantage for app modernization.

TEKsystems is actively partnering with Red Hat & AWS to help customers modernize and accelerate their migration to the cloud. 

“When you stand up OpenShift Virt on ROSA, it is the complete platform. It’s a turnkey solution. When you’re trying to ensure that your business meets financial obligations and corporate deadlines, a turnkey solution like this impacts the velocity greatly. You're able to set up the infrastructure, move VMs into a highly available, fault-tolerant environment, and migrate applications very quickly, therefore accelerating the modernization journey.”

Armando Franco, Director Business Modernization Services - TEKsystems Global Services

Another benefit of migrating to OpenShift Virtualization on ROSA  is that you don’t have to choose between taking a “lift and shift” approach for an expedited migration or modernizing your applications to take full advantage of the cloud.. You can lift and shift your applications initially, while providing a solid pathway to continue to modernize in the future. Looking at cloud migration, lift and shift helps customers meet velocity demands, and take advantage of cloud benefits, but at the same time makes sure your platform is optimized for performance in the future.

Learn more in this on-demand  webinar. 

Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization

Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization is a self-managed operator that is available by default with ROSA. It enables you to rehouse your virtual machines (VMs) off of your current virtualization platform onto a more modern application platform. Your organization benefits from your existing investments in virtualization, while taking advantage of the simplicity and speed of a modern application platform.

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) provides a fully-managed application platform jointly managed, maintained, and supported by Red Hat and AWS. Your IT teams can concentrate on strategic initiatives that provide the most value to the business instead of focusing on keeping the underlying platform running. You can run your VM-based applications alongside containers on ROSA today, while modernizing at your own pace

Running OpenShift Virtualization on ROSA removes barriers to innovation and modernization and accelerates your migration to AWS. By providing a single platform for managing both virtualized and containerized workloads, you’re relieved of the complexities and overhead of maintaining multiple platforms . Applications can be assembled and modernized in stages with VM and Container elements automated and delivered together on your timeline.  Organizations can take advantage of cloud-native architectures while preserving existing investments in virtualized infrastructure. In addition, development teams can leverage consistent tooling and processes to build and deploy applications in VMs and containers together.

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About the author

Alexa Overbay is a Product Marketing Manager at Red Hat, focused on the marketing and positioning the Red Hat OpenShift Managed Services portfolio.

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