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What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for Workstations is a reliable, flexible, high-performance operating system, optimized for intensive workloads such as animation, computer-aided design and engineering, scientific research, medical imaging and more. 

With RHEL for Workstations, organizations have the flexibility to choose both how and where to deploy this platform, including on bare metal, virtualized and cloud environments, while taking comfort in the same RHEL 10-year support lifecycle that covers critical updates, assistance, diagnostics and bug fixes.

We are pleased to announce that RHEL for Workstations is now available on AWS Marketplace (RHEL for Workstations 8.6 for GPU-based Instances - GRID driver) and (RHEL for Workstations 8.6 for GPU-based Instances - TESLA driver), delivered via NICE DCV, a high-performance remote display protocol with enhanced security components. Organizations seeking a workstation-as-a-service solution for their teams can now turn to RHEL for Workstations on the AWS cloud. This platform provides a fully-featured environment, supporting a variety of hardware instances, while delivering a more powerful set of capabilities unique to AWS.

Why choose RHEL for Workstations on AWS?

RHEL for Workstations on AWS provides end users with a high performance, low latency, fully featured RHEL experience anywhere in the world without having to ship new hardware to them. With client software available for multiple platforms, end users have the flexibility to use whatever hardware and operating software they have today while taking advantage of a high-performance, GPU-accelerated RHEL for Workstation instance on AWS Cloud. 

Deploying on AWS means that organizations can access Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to bring RHEL for Workstations to a wide range of computing instances, with the choice of the latest processor, storage, networking, operating system and purchase model to help best meet the requirements of the workload in question. 

Organizations wishing to power high-performance tasks can choose from a selection of suitable instances, including EC2’s accelerated computing instances, which include access to powerful workload accelerators. These instances are ideal for the high-end tasks RHEL for Workstations is designed to tackle.

Access a wide variety of operating systems

EC2’s Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) allow for a broad array of operating systems to support applications deployed on AWS, including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux. With RHEL for Workstations on AWS, organizations can choose the operating system or systems that best fits their workstation needs.

Take on the most demanding tasks

With EC2’s GPU-accelerated instances, users can get the power they need to handle the most graphically demanding of tasks. Organizations requiring high-performance workstations to handle their workloads can access graphics processing units (GPUs) through AWS, providing the power required to process tasks in use cases such as 3D rendering, medical imaging, networks or power operations, flight simulators and more.

Realize cost savings and business value

With Red Hat Cloud Access, organizations can use their existing subscription to RHEL for Workstations to deploy on AWS, while maintaining access to all the Red Hat support and benefits that subscription entails. No additional license is required.

The perfect workstations for media and entertainment

EC2’s instances come with the tools and capabilities needed to make RHEL for Workstations into the ideal platform for media and entertainment tasks. With 60+ frames-per-second capabilities, 4K resolution, multiple monitor support, unbeatable color accuracy, support for Wacom peripherals such as art tablets, multi-channel audio and more, media and entertainment organizations will find this joint solution well-suited to their workloads.

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Gil Cattelain is Principal Product Marketing Manager for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Cattelain has more than 20 years’ experience as a leader in high-tech software product marketing with a proven track record of managing major product releases and go-to-market strategies. Prior to Red Hat, Cattelain held product marketing leadership roles at Micro Focus, Novell, and Genesys, focusing on the endpoint management and DevOps/agile solutions, including digital marketing for the contact center market.

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