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Government agencies are navigating their ways through uncharted territories and relying on technology to see them through this challenging period. On November 10th, we will hear from IT leaders from federal, state, and local agencies as well as Red Hatters and our industry partners about how enterprise open source technologies are helping government adapt and transform.

Some state and local governments are using tools and development practices they weren’t using before to develop more efficient and effective ways to deliver better citizen services during this time of need. Federal agencies are turning to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to make better data-driven decisions. And hybrid cloud, containers and DevOps are being used by some agencies to create and deliver applications faster and more securely. 

These are the underlying technologies that power government. They drive everything from the Department of Defense’s efforts to provide critical information in real-time, to the data the Department of Transportation uses to make decisions about national transportation and infrastructure. These technologies are essential for delivering productive capabilities that impact U.S. citizens. 

A Red Hat Government Symposium for Our Time

In this environment, we’re proud to host our 11th annual Red Hat Government Symposium. This year’s theme will focus on how adaptation sparks innovation. Through a day full of keynotes and sessions we’ll focus on how government agencies can and have used technology to make changes that will have positive impacts that will be felt for years to come.

We’ll be discussing how open hybrid cloud technologies and methodologies are driving transformation in the new normal. We’ll talk about the solutions that are behind this acceleration and how they are having a direct and measurable impact on users and citizens. Speakers will touch on themes related to using technology to enable government workforces, from troops in theater to healthcare workers on the front lines. 

A Gathering of Government Leaders

The agenda for the Red Hat Government Symposium will feature speakers from Red Hat, our partners and a wealth of public sector leaders. Government officials slated to present include John Sherman, principal deputy CIO of the DoD; Colonel (ret.) Bobby Saxon, deputy CIO, Office of Information Technology, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; Ijeoma Genevieve Mbamalu, assistant deputy commissioner of technology, Department of Social Services, City of New York; Paul Puckett, director, Enterprise Cloud Management Office, U.S. Army; and many more. In addition to myself, Red Hat presenters will include Andrew Clay Shafer, vice president of Global Transformation; Jason Corey, senior director of emerging technologies, North American Public Sector; Matt Hicks, executive vice president, Products and Technologies; and others.

Together, we’ll share our perspectives on how we’re ensuring that mission meets modernization in government organizations, and how you can prepare for the future. 

Read the full list of speakers and agenda, and register today to learn how to turn this period of adaptation into a time for innovation.

About the author

Paul Smith is Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Public Sector for North America at Red Hat. He joined the company in 2004 and leads the company’s government business unit, overseeing sales, marketing, consulting, channels, and strategic planning. The unit as a whole is responsible for the U.S. federal government worldwide and the U.S. state, local, and education marketplace nationally.

Smith has more than 30 years of experience marketing key technologies to the government marketplace, holding various management positions in the sales of software solutions to government agencies and systems integrators.

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