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Cloud services: Put theory into practice 

In the last issue of Red Hat Shares, we introduced you to the basics of cloud services―what they are, what they do, who uses them and how they benefit organizations.

Now let’s dig a little deeper and put the concept of cloud services into practice. (What better way to learn than to do, right?) In this issue, we’ll explain how to use cloud, application and data services―as well as hosted tools―in our console, take you down a few cloud services-related learning paths, give you some tips when making cloud service provider choices and walk through how three companies have benefited from cloud services.

Using cloud, application, and data services―plus other hosted tools―in the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console

Learn all about the console―what it is, how to use it, how its hosted services and tools can benefit your organization and more.

Learning path: How to create a cluster in Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS with STS

Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up accounts and clusters with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS using AWS Security Token Service (STS) to help build container-based applications faster.

5 things you should know about cloud service providers

Are you a chief information officer (CIO), system administrator or architect looking into choosing a cloud service provider? Read one of these helpful, role-specific articles on the topic.

You may also be interested in the checklist, “5 ways site reliability engineers can help you”.

Apache Kafka learning paths

Apache Kafka is a distributed data streaming platform that makes it possible to share large amounts of data across the enterprise in real time. Red Hat now offers a fully managed and hosted Apache Kafka service―Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka―as part of our new set of cloud services.


Learning path 1: Kafka 101

Learn about the basic concepts of Apache Kafka and its components.

Learning path 2: Get started with Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka

Sign up for a no-cost Red Hat account, provision a managed Kafka instance and connect to it using service account credentials via SSL.

You may also be interested in a no-cost trial of Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka.


IDC: Enterprises accelerate agility with cloud services

Discover how three companies have taken advantage of Red Hat OpenShift cloud services to begin a digital transformation with workloads deployed in multiple infrastructure environments.

You may also be interested in Forrester’s The Total Economic ImpactTM of Red Hat OpenShift Cloud Services.

Compiler: How does data help shape movies?

Data is vital, both for those behind the camera and those sitting in theaters (or at home). This episode covers some ways data science and machine learning can inform filmmaking, from conception to post-production.

Did you miss our March issue on cloud services basics? Check it out. Or browse all past issues of Red Hat Shares.

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