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Recent insights from a study by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) have shed light on the significant impact of Red Hat Training and Certification in addressing common IT challenges. The study reveals how this training has transformed IT operations, marking a notable improvement in efficiency and productivity. Customers interviewed for the analysis reported that their employees who have undergone Red Hat Training were between 25% and 50% more efficient in completing day-to-day IT tasks. This efficiency is crucial in IT, where every hour counts. Here are three key takeaways from the study:

1. Reduced support costs

IT professionals equipped with Red Hat Training do their tasks with greater proficiency, leading to swifter deployment and more effective use of IT resources. Notably, the study points to a reduction in support costs and IT turnover, which translates into considerable savings and a more efficiently used IT environment. Enterprise Strategy Group’s financial model showed a benefit of 15% in better server utilization after Red Hat Training. One customer remarked, “Our more experienced engineers came back from training curious. They approached problems differently; they found ways to configure our systems to pull levels of performance out of them that we have never seen.”

2. Improved customer experience

Investing in Red Hat Training goes beyond just enhancing skills; it's a strategic move that aligns IT capabilities with overarching business goals. It fosters an environment where trained professionals are not just meeting challenges but are driving growth and innovation within their organizations. A financial services company noted the tangible benefits of such training, stating, “Since we have made Red Hat Training part of our IT career path, we have seen a much better customer experience because of the improved quality and predictability of our systems. This has specifically helped us raise our satisfaction rates and reduce our customer churn.”

3. Improved employee experience

Customers have observed substantial improvements in problem-solving, performance optimization, and employee retention and satisfaction. One customer shared, “Red Hat Training is a perfect personal growth path to encourage our employees to expand their knowledge. We have found that employees who go through this training are more productive, get more out of our hardware, and stay with our company longer.”

Enhancements in system reliability and customer experiences are a testament to the value of training investment. In a world where technology is continually evolving, the demand for skilled IT professionals is always increasing.

Red Hat Training empowers IT teams to be proactive, efficient, and in tune with the dynamic technological ecosystem. For a comprehensive understanding of how Red Hat Training can revolutionize your organization’s IT capabilities, read more about the indispensable role of training in the full study.

Source: Enterprise Strategy Group Economic Validation, “Analyzing the economic impact of Red Hat Training,” January 2024.

About the author

Karl Reynolds is the Senior Director of Red Hat Training and Certification, based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. In this role, he provides strategic direction and leads the sales and delivery of new Red Hat Training and Certification offerings globally.

Reynolds has nearly 25 years of training and technology experience. He has spent the last ten years serving Red Hat in varying director-level roles, and is a multi-time recipient of the Red Hat President’s Club Award.

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