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We’ve all heard the expression that “time is money,” and a recent survey of Red Hat training students really got me thinking about that statement.

In the survey, 86% of students said that they save time performing their primary job functions as a result of the Red Hat training they've received. While pleased by these results, I wanted to dig deeper into the numbers to better understand the impact on individuals and organizations. What I found was very impressive.

Over 23% of the respondents said that they were able to save a minimum of 5 hours a week after completing Red Hat training. Based on a 52-week year, that translates into a staggering 260 work hours saved per person in a single year. This could also be represented as a 12.5% time savings based on the 2,087-hour divisor used by the United States Office of Personnel Management. What could you as an employee accomplish with that amount of extra time at work? How as a manager could you impact the overall performance of your department or company?

The average time savings reported by students was 3.75 hours per week or 195 work hours. While less than the time savings reported by the top 23%, this is still no small savings and represents a 9.4% time savings based on the 2,087-hour divisor.

The final figure to consider is the relationship of work hours saved per hour spent in Red Hat training. The majority of Red Hat courses are 4 days in length and consist of approximately 26  hours. Based on this, students save an average of 7.5 work hours per 1 training hour. 

Red Hat accomplishes all of this by combining best-in-class curriculum and instructors with prescriptive skills assessments. The result is learning based on your needs, not ours. Get started today with a no-cost skills assessment for you or your team.

*Based on a 2017 TechValidate survey of Red Hat Training customers.


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