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Red Hat Enterprise Linux has been providing value through its high performance, reliability, stability, scalability and affordable pricing to enterprises around the world for almost a decade. With Red Hat’s unique subscription model, customers are spared from paying large up-front licensing costs. Instead, they receive ongoing value through consistent technology updates, security and bug fixes, expanding software and hardware certifications, access to the expertise of Red Hat Support, and more – all at an affordable, consistent subscription cost.

Industry analyst firm IDC recently conducted primary research, commissioned by Red Hat, to determine the total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides in the long term versus other strategies like running mixed environments or primarily non-paid Linux distributions. Results show that through more efficient operations, higher ratios of servers and users per administrator and significantly lower downtime cost annually, customers who have purchased Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions have an opportunity to recover the money spent on their subscription very quickly. As the study states, “...products that offer efficiency and productivity improvements for IT staff generally end up with competitive and often lower TCO metrics when all costs are considered. ”

Key findings of the study include:

  • Organizations that have standardized on Red Hat Enterprise Linux have more efficient IT staffs.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers experience about one-fifth the amount of downtime as compared to organizations using primarily non-paid Linux distributions. With costs of downtime considered, Red Hat Enterprise Linux users spend less.

  • Organizations that heavily use non-paid Linux end up with higher total operational costs by almost double.

  • Time to market for new application deployments can be greatly reduced with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

IDC Program Vice President of System Software, Al Gillen, will be presenting the research findings of the IDC study in a webinar planned for the following times on Tuesday, April 26:

  • 9am EDT (GMT-4 New York) / 13:00 GMT / 3pm CEST (GMT+2 Paris) / 6:30pm (Mumbai)

  • 2pm EDT (GMT-4 New York) / 18:00 GMT / 8pm CEST (GMT+2 Paris) / 11:30pm (Mumbai)

To join the webinar, visit here.

To read the full IDC whitepaper on the research findings, visit here.