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The path of innovation cannot be traveled alone. For years, the Red Hat partner ecosystem has been on the frontlines with our customers, helping them not only overcome but embrace the realities facing them today, tomorrow and beyond.

Change is constant - it has been proven time and again. The true defining moment for any organization is recognizing change as an opportunity rather than a burden. While budgets are tight, resources are limited and skilled talent is difficult to find, there is massive demand at a greater scale. We are in a new era of technology being redefined by the burgeoning AI movement, the transforming capabilities of automation and a new frontier at the edge.

For Red Hat and our partners, the key to helping customers seize this new reality is co-creation. We are firmly committed to delivering unparalleled customer experiences by bringing together the unique expertise of our partners with the capabilities of Red Hat technology. While this is not a new concept, it is more critical than ever before. Bridging capabilities between the datacenter to the cloud to the edge can only be achieved through unrelenting collaboration, interoperability and co-created solutions.

Cloud partners like AWS and Microsoft offer simplified access and procurement in the cloud. Hardware partners such as Dell provide critical expertise in the datacenter. In turn, Red Hat provides a hybrid cloud experience based on a secure, stable and scalable platform that brings with it a vast ecosystem of certified workloads to run on it. This is the value that partnerships deliver.

This week at Red Hat Summit I had the opportunity to speak with some of our leading partners about the very real ways in which we are fueling innovation and generating meaningful business outcomes for customers, whatever reality they face.

Below is an excerpt from my keynote:

With technology and innovation being so critical, so absolutely essential to getting work done differently, smarter, faster, it is no wonder that there is more demand on all of us to do more and to scale. But let's face it, that is what we live for. To deliver on growing business needs that is a great problem…er, opportunity!... to have. As proven by the world of open source, that gets a whole lot easier when we innovate together. This is what energizes us at Red Hat about being part of a vibrant ecosystem. We roll up our sleeves with our partners in order to build solutions that help you do more with less. We take it on together.

We work with ecosystem innovators to co-create capabilities that address your priorities with simplicity and ease. Whether it’s meeting new end user demands, bringing new services online or supporting increasingly remote business operations, better innovation helps you deliver and scale. Traditionally, scaling only meant adding datacenter capacity. Today, scaling can be done through multiple options, including datacenter capacity, which together create an open hybrid cloud that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. The real opportunity is when  architecting, deploying  and operating your open hybrid cloud can be done with efficiency and simplicity. Flexibility and choice, without compromising simplicity and efficiency – this is where innovation comes in.

Our goal with ecosystem partners is to help you seize innovation easily and get value from your open hybrid cloud. We do the work on the back-end, so that you get the simplicity on the front-end. Intelligent innovation is one of the reasons that we work so closely with our partners to deliver solutions that simplify and optimize IT…

About the author

Stefanie Chiras is Senior Vice President of Partner Ecosystem Success at Red Hat, leading Red Hat’s global partner ecosystem engagement, and plays a critical role in increasing the understanding of the value of Red Hat's product portfolio within the ecosystem, defining the strategy for partnering with Red Hat for customer success. 

Prior to joining Red Hat in 2018, Chiras served as Vice President of Offering Management at IBM Cognitive Systems. As part of the Cognitive Systems brand team, she led worldwide business for the systems and software portfolios, AIX, IBM i, Linux, and the cloud stack. She has extensive experience in both business and technology, including technical roles that range from silicon technology to system architecture.

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