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On December 6th 2022, the CNCF announced that the Argo Project has reached graduation status. This is a monumental milestone for the continued success of the Argo Project and further solidifies our investment in the rich and vibrant Argo community. The graduation is a long journey which includes security audits, 3rd party audits, governance reviews, and many end-user interviews - it doesn’t stop there as sustained growth, diversity, and significant industry adoption must also be shown from the project. Needless to say, it’s no easy task and Red Hat is proud to be part of that journey.

“Early on Red Hat saw the potential in Argo to enable organizations and make the path to GitOps more manageable for our customers. We’re proud of the work the community has done to bring the project to graduation with the CNCF and hold high expectations for Argo beyond graduation.” - Mike Barrett, vice president, OpenShift product management

About The Argo Project

When people say or think “Argo”, most folks who are well vested in the Cloud Native landscape automatically think “Argo CD” - But the Argo Project is more than just Argo CD. The Argo Project is a suite of DevOps tools aimed to make SREs and Developers life easier. In fact, Argo Workflows is the most popular of the tool sets within the projects (based on the number of GitHub stars). The graduating tools within the Argo Project are:

  • Argo Workflows - A Cloud Native workflow engine that is quite popular in the AI/ML Community and recently has seen an uptick in users using Workflows for CI.
  • Argo CD - The recent hot topic in the Cloud Native world; Argo CD takes a GitOps approach to managing and deploying applications on Kubernetes at scale.
  • Argo Rollouts - An advanced progressive delivery controller that works hand in hand with Argo CD (or standalone) to help end users perform Canary and Blue-Green Deployments using their own Ingress/ServiceMesh controllers.
  • Argo Events - A generic event bus with dependency management.

What’s Next for Argo and OpenShift GitOps

At Red Hat, we are fully committed to the Argo project. Argo CD forms the basis of OpenShift GitOps and our engineering team continue to be core contributors upstream. OpenShift GitOps includes Argo CD and Argo Notifications, and we look forward to further providing our customers with support and features that come out of the Argo Project. Red Hat will soon be including Argo Rollouts as part of the OpenShift GitOps portfolio, incorporating first-class integrations with the Red Hat hybrid cloud platform ecosystem.

Over the next few months we’re planning many exciting features. Our engineering team will be working with the upstream community on improving Argo CD’s multi-tenancy capabilities and user experience, as well as major improvements to the Image Updater project from Argo Labs. OpenShift GitOps will also soon be increasing our multi-arch availability with support for running on ARM systems.

OpenShift GitOps v1.7 is available now through OperatorHub. OpenShift GitOps v1.7 is available now through OperatorHub. For more details about what is included in this release, check out the release announcement, or get started with our OpenShift GitOps Cookbook.

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Christian Hernandez currently leads the Developer Experience team at Codefresh. He has experience in enterprise architecture, DevOps, tech support, advocacy, software engineering, and management. He's passionate about open source and cloud-native architecture. He is an OpenGitOps Maintainer and an Argo Project Marketing SIG member. His current focus has been on Kubernetes, DevOps, and GitOps practices.

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