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We are excited to announce the availability of a 60-day trial of Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, a fully-managed Red Hat OpenShift service on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. This trial gives customers an easy and self-service way to try OpenShift Dedicated, allowing them to experience the benefits of a fully-managed service without a large investment in time or resources.  As part of the trial, customers will get access to a single, 60-day trial cluster with self-service cluster provisioning into their existing AWS or Google Cloud account. 

Benefits of OpenShift Dedicated

Faster time to value: Quickly deploy applications in minutes that scale as needed across clouds and geographies, enabling a focus on innovative applications and increasing business value, not managing infrastructure

Reduced operational complexity: Fully-managed OpenShift throughout the stack,  managed upgrades and patching, 24x7 expert Site Reliability Engineering support and an industry leading 99.95% SLA with a fully supported OpenShift Dedicated cluster. 

Self-service capabilities: Provision fully managed clusters in minutes. Manage, scale and upgrade clusters in OpenShift Cluster Manager 

Hybrid Cloud Flexibility: OpenShift delivers a consistent experience across clouds, giving you the choice and ease of use to choose the offering that best fits your needs

Built-in Service integration: OpenShift Dedicated includes cluster services for monitoring cluster events, tracking usage, and resource management

Details about the trial 

Each organization will have access to a single, self-supported OpenShift Dedicated Trial cluster with up to 40 vCPU of worker capacity. Trial clusters will be self-supported with help from your local account team. Although there are no OpenShift Dedicated subscription fees for the trial, OpenShift Dedicated Trial clusters require you to use your own AWS or Google Cloud account (Customer Cloud Subscription) to provide the infrastructure and pay for cloud expenses incurred during the trial.

The 60-day trial period starts automatically when you create your OpenShift Dedicated Trial cluster. Trial clusters can be upgraded at any time to a fully supported OpenShift Dedicated cluster backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA and 24x7 SRE support. Clusters can be upgraded by using available quota, contacting sales, or through Red Hat Marketplace. As an added benefit, customers have the option to try Red Hat OpenShift API Management as an add-on to OpenShift Dedicated during the trial.

Check out this doc for more information on the trial.  You don’t need to talk to a sales rep or fill out a form, all you need is to create or login to your account to get started using OpenShift Dedicated today. 

Already a Red Hat OpenShift customer?  

If you’re already a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform customer and are interested in trying OpenShift Managed cloud services, contact your account manager. We offer free, extended trial access to OpenShift Dedicated in your existing AWS or Google Cloud account and Red Hat OpenShift API Management for select customers as an easy option for trying our services.

Try  OpenShift Dedicated

About the author

Alexa Overbay is a Product Marketing Manager at Red Hat, focused on the marketing and positioning the Red Hat OpenShift Managed Services portfolio.

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