Provision, maintain, and upgrade your systems with Red Hat Satellite

Maintaining efficient IT operations is an ongoing focus

As the demand for digital solutions and infrastructure continues to grow, IT organizations are finding it increasingly challenging to sustain efficient operations. For example, when new risks are discovered, teams must react quickly to analyze and update systems to avoid expensive security breaches and downtime. Massive hybrid cloud environments that span multiple datacenters and public cloud providers require complicated maintenance, support, and training. And time-consuming manual processes frequently lead to errors and keep IT staff from focusing on innovative, impactful projects. As a result, improving operational efficiency continues to be the top priority for technology leaders.1

With a focus on increasing operational efficiency, Red Hat® Satellite streamlines system management and automates common tasks to help increase the security, availability, and compliance of your hybrid cloud environment. Satellite lets you provision, maintain, and upgrade your entire infrastructure—including all of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux® systems—in physical, virtualized, and cloud environments from a single console.

Boost IT productivity with standardized operations

With Satellite, you can streamline and standardize IT operations to improve efficiency and productivity. Define and establish standard operating environments (SOEs) that include operating systems, custom configurations, and applications to ensure consistency across your environment. Use the image builder tool to create optimized Red Hat Enterprise Linux images with a customized set of security and system options using an intuitive graphical user interface. You can then include those images in core builds along with all other application stack layers, including other Red Hat technologies and third-party packages. Accordingly, organizations that use Satellite experience 56% more productive IT staff.2

Streamline system deployment across environments

Satellite helps you simplify resource provisioning at scale across your hybrid cloud environment. Define and automate detailed provisioning for bare-metal, virtualized, and hybrid cloud resources using a single process. Provision resources in public cloud environments based on stored images, deploy virtual machines with virtualization infrastructure services and templates, and use the discovery service to create pools of available hosts. Altogether, IT operations teams using Satellite reduce the time required to deploy new virtual machines by 78% and new servers by 37%.2

Manage and automate IT operations at scale

Red Hat Satellite is an infrastructure management solution that helps you increase security, availability, and compliance. With Satellite, you can:

  • Manage your entire infrastructure from a single console.
  • Build a standardized operating environment.
  • Administer distributed systems across hybrid cloud environments.

Improve infrastructure reliability and availability

Using Satellite, you can decrease both planned and unplanned downtime to improve delivery of key applications and services. Apply, track, and remediate host configurations across local and remote systems simultaneously. Define desired system states using a simple, declarative language, and let Satellite configure your hosts accordingly. Automatically detect, analyze and remediate configuration drift—and view a detailed report of all changes—through a single console.

Speed security and compliance management

Across your environment, Satellite helps lower the risk of security vulnerabilities and increase compliance with government requirements, industry regulations, and corporate standards. Use the predictive analytics and deep domain expertise of Red Hat Insights to automatically identify hosts that require updates due to common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), compliance risks, or performance issues. Using this information and the Satellite console, you can patch and update systems at scale to quickly remediate issues in your hybrid cloud environment. In fact, IT teams using Satellite increase the efficiency of security management by 47% and experience a 23% increase in compliance team productivity.2

Optimize hybrid cloud resources

Satellite helps you keep your expensive cloud- and datacenter-based hardware resources up to date to lower your total cost of operations (TCO). Upgrade and migrate infrastructure across your hybrid cloud environment to the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Use a job template to upgrade multiple hosts to the next major release simultaneously while keeping your existing configurations and without a full reinstallation. Convert third-party Linux distributions to Red Hat Enterprise Linux while retaining installed applications and configurations using the Convert2RHEL utility in Satellite. All in all, organizations using Satellite experience TCO reductions of 28% over a 5-year period.2 

Learn more

Find out how Red Hat Satellite can help you manage and meet all of your system management requirements—from provisioning to maintenance to migration—from a single console. Read more about the business value of Satellite.

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Gain business value with Red Hat Satellite

Red Hat Satellite helps you provision, maintain, and upgrade your systems efficiently at scale. Satellite delivers measurable business value:2

  • 28% lower total cost of operations
  • 56% more efficient patching
  • 78% faster deployment of new virtual machines
  • 56% more efficient IT infrastructure
  • 14% more efficient IT security teams
  • 23% more productive compliance teams