Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

Our immersive residency relies on open source culture and technology to help your team solve your toughest business challenges.

What you can expect

We'll connect you and your team with the people, processes, and open source tools you need to ramp up the pace of innovation—and build something that’s never been built before.

How our customers bring innovation to life

We work with companies of all sizes and markets to address their business challenges through our residencies.

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Learn more about how Australia's largest customer-owned bank reinvigorated corporate culture with Open Innovation Labs.

Connect with the people and tools that turn ideas into innovation

Our open source communities are a hotbed of idea exchange and discussion surrounding best practices. Check out the latest discussions and get involved yourself.

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Ready to begin your journey? You can explore your possibilities with our interactive push-button infrastructure and read up on how our engagements help your team build software in the most open of ways.

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