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Swisscom modernizes IT, gives Swiss citizens a piece of the cloud

Swisscom, a leading Swiss telecom and IT services provider, wanted to simplify its IT infrastructure to increase scalability, flexibility, and agility. With help from Red Hat® Consulting, Swisscom used Red Hat OpenStack® Platform and Red Hat Virtualization to build a cloud platform to better serve current—and future—customers.

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FICO gets platform for innovative cloud solution

ING-DiBa reduces cost and administrative effort

Union Bank saves time to deliver services faster

Department of Defense saves millions, builds agile, private cloud

Atos helps UK government improve communications and services

Acuity Systems helps government use data to better serve U.S. citizens

Sprint saves millions to fund IT innovation

Korean Broadcasting Station (KBS) reaches global audience faster

Swisscom modernizes IT, gives Swiss citizens a piece of the cloud

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center enhances agility and security

Bayer Business Services lowers cost, achieves performance

Cerner boosts performance and stability

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The key to happier Cisco customers? Higher IT productivity.

To keep pace with customer demand, Cisco needed to build a new platform so its developers could quickly and easily develop innovative new applications.

CA Technologies helps customers compete in the app economy

CA Technologies needed a solution to help its development teams deliver secure, innovative apps to customers faster.

APD helps businesses make smarter online purchases

American Product Distributors, Inc. (APD) wanted to update its proprietary e-commerce platform to give customers an easier, more cost-effective shopping experience.

Telegraph Media Group integrates systems, improves digital content

The U.K.’s Telegraph Media Group needed to create an integration platform to simplify the launch of new digital content and services to audiences using a variety of devices.

CBTS improves customer service with a modernized cloud platform

IT solutions provider CBTS wanted to replace its outdated cloud platform with a new system that could handle complex customer requests without increasing operational costs.

Swisscom modernizes IT, gives Swiss citizens a piece of the cloud

Swisscom wanted to transition to an open source cloud environment to increase scalability, flexibility, and agility—and better serve current and future customers.

Genfare gives transit agencies and riders innovative payment technology

Transit riders want multiple payment options—from coins to cards to smartphones—and Genfare needed to modernize to keep and grow its business.

Acuity Systems helps government use data to better serve U.S. citizens

The U.S. federal government turned to Acuity Systems to pull together segregated data for easier analysis—and, ultimately, better decisions.

Amadeus uses a new agile platform to improve the travel experience

Amadeus needed to support its customers in the global travel industry with a better technology platform to mitigate risk and improve service for travelers.