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JBoss community projects vs. Red Hat JBoss Middleware

Which is best for your project?

The open source community is large and collaborative, with contributions from a wide variety of developers and organizations. Freely accessible source code lets users explore, experiment, test, and provide feedback on the software’s latest features.

Developers interested in Red Hat® have a choice: JBoss® community projects or Red Hat JBoss Middleware. Both are innovative and trusted choices for your IT project, but their use cases are not the same.

JBoss community projects or Red Hat JBoss Middleware?

JBoss community projects:

  • Include more than 150 projects, from enterprise service buses to data integration and management tools.
  • Are used by developers to test and integrate middleware capabilities.
  • Feature rapid innovation and advanced technology.
  • Offer informal support from community forum participants.
  • Are not fully tested and certified.
  • Are best suited for advanced prototyping and development projects.

The Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio:

  • Integrates software components from various open source communities, including the JBoss community.
  • Combines innovative open source software with the testing, certification, and maintenance releases necessary for enterprise production use.
  • Is rigorously tested and certified against multiple operating systems, Java™ Virtual Machines (JVMs), and databases.
  • Includes documentation, training, multi year maintenance policies, guaranteed patches, updates, hot fixes, legal assurance, and award-winning support.
  • Is best suited for mission-critical, long-term production use.

The best of both worlds

Red Hat JBoss Middleware delivers the innovation of community projects without the risks and potential costs of deploying them in production or embedding them in a product for resale. IT organizations and independent software vendors alike can benefit from adopting Red Hat JBoss Middleware for the development and deployment of mission-critical applications and services.

What’s in a Red Hat subscription?

A subscription is much more than access to a product. Red Hat provides comprehensive quality testing, patches, and bug fixes, security updates, and certifications for hardware, software, and cloud providers. This helps strengthen the foundation of your open source environment. Additionally, Red Hat offers a wealth of knowledge through our award-winning support and extensive, Knowledgebase, documentation and troubleshooting articles, product documentation, and reference architectures.

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