Linux Platforms

Engineered for the enterprise

OpenStack® has become a popular, massively scalable, public cloud-like infrastructure that can be deployed by advanced cloud users, telecommunications companies, Internet service providers (ISPs), and public cloud hosting providers.

OpenStack dependencies

OpenStack is a set of software services that you can use to create a cloud infrastructure. Like most software services, it requires a hypervisor to run virtual machines and manage resources like CPU, memory, networking, storage, security, and hardware drivers. And all OpenStack services have runtime dependencies on the underlying operating system, just like any other application. So OpenStack is dependent on the underlying operating system and hypervisor for running these services.

Required components architected together

To be sure that each of these required components is architected together, we engineered Red Hat® OpenStack Platform to combine the world's most trusted, secure, and proven Linux distribution—Red Hat Enterprise Linux—with Red Hat’s rigorously tested OpenStack technology. To meet the enterprise need for predictable life cycle for support and maintenance, Red Hat Openstack Platform brings together innovation across hypervisor, operating system, and OpenStack technologies while creating a stable platform for certified solutions from partners.

A leader in OpenStack innovation

As a leading contributor to the OpenStack project, Red Hat is helping lead the rapid pace of innovation in the open source community. Red Hat invests its time and resources in Red Hat OpenStack Platform to ensure that OpenStack is:

  • Ready for enterprise business.
  • Certified with partner solutions.
  • Supported by a world-class global support organization.
  • Maintained for long-term deployment stability.

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