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Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Use cases

From private cloud rollout to network function virtualization (NFV) deployments and public cloud service delivery to container application platform creation, we’ve helped hundreds of business realize their cloud goals using OpenStack. Build it, deploy it, and deliver it with open source at the core and us at your side.

Private cloud

Build a cloud from the comfort of your own systems

We have everything you need to build your private cloud environment. Get ahead of tomorrow’s IT service demands comfortably behind your organization’s firewall.

As we expand our Advanced Cyberinfrastructure resources, it will increasingly reside on Red Hat OpenStack Platform as the resource governing framework. Red Hat will be a huge part of our growth.

Chuck Gilbert, Technical Director for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Systems, Institute for Cyberscience, Pennsylvania State University

Working with Red Hat, the major contributor to OpenStack, gives us both the visibility and ability to provide input to OpenStack upstream projects in order to highlight specific stringent requirements networks demand.

Dor Skuler, Vice President and General Manager CloudBand Business Unit, Alcatel-Lucent

Network function virtualization

Deploy services faster

Red Hat® is the only open source vendor that can deliver the complete software stack for production-grade NFV infrastructure. Get the speed to innovate ahead of the curve and the stamina to outlast the challenges by pairing the benefits of open source with the standards of NFV technologies.

Cloud service providers

Scale fast, scale safe

It's a prepped, on-demand cloud. Serve multiple tenants, simplify the routines, track usage and chargeback, and pivot when new technology comes out.

With Red Hat OpenStack Platform, our customers are reassured that our solutions are validated and certified against world-class open standards and that implementation can begin with a solid foundation.

Gio Bacareza, CEO, Institute for Cyberscience, Morphlabs

Using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, we’ve created an end-to-end solution that supports the entire development life cycle. OpenShift lets us provide the technologies developers want, quickly and automatically.

Michael White, I.T. Architect, Cisco

Container application platform

Speed up app development

Use a modular system to develop, deliver, and manage container-based enterprise applications. Self-service functionality, microservices, and reusable components can simplify big changes with standards-based container hosts, images, orchestration, registration, and discovery.

Customer success stories

Competing globally, the open source way

Swisscom wanted a cloud strategy that would allow it to compete globally and attract new corporate and residential customers. Using Red Hat OpenStack Platform to improve scalability and flexibility, it implemented an open source culture that inspired a DevOps transformation.

FICO gets platform for innovative cloud solution

To transition from an on-premise model to a cloud- and services-based infrastructure, FICO chose to build an OpenStack cloud using Red Hat solutions, including Red Hat OpenStack Platform. As a result, FICO generated US$10 million in sales to new customers, reduced solution time to market by 50%, and lowered storage and overall infrastructure costs.

Deploying Brazil’s first OpenStack public cloud

Dualtec Cloud Builders, the first company in Brazil to offer cloud computing services, needed a more efficient and scalable way to manage its cloud environment. The company paired with Red Hat Consulting to deploy an integrated cloud environment using Red Hat OpenStack Platform in just 45 days—improving operational efficiency by 35%.

Transforming infrastructures with Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Public online betting company Paddy Power Betfair, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and financial services provider BBVA all used Red Hat OpenStack Platform to make their IT infrastructure more flexible and scalable, helping them meet changing demands and support innovative development.

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