Red Hat Ceph Storage

Features and benefits

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One open, self-healing and self-managing, unified platform

Red Hat Ceph Storage delivers software-defined storage on your choice of economical industry-standard hardware. With block, object, and file storage combined in a single platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage efficiently and automatically manages all your data, significantly lowering the cost of storing enterprise data and helping you manage exponential data growth.


Performance that scales massively

Able to handle 1 billion objects—and beyond—Red Hat Ceph Storage is optimized for large installations and today’s massive data needs, scaling performance as capacity scales. Through advancements like its new object front end, Red Hat Ceph Storage can now double the performance of previous versions while helping you get to market faster.


Simplified installation, monitoring, and management

Because it’s tightly integrated with Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage makes installation and upgrades easier and enables hyperconvergence for maximal resource use and centralized administration. As the foundation of Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation, built also on the Rook-Ceph operator, Red Hat Ceph Storage simplifies installations and upgrades anywhere Red Hat OpenShift runs—on premise or in the public cloud—freeing application developers to focus on innovation. The solution’s integrated monitoring dashboard can get you started in under 5 minutes with minimal Ceph knowledge, and the Red Hat Ansible Automation underlying each deployment helps relieve the burden on your IT teams.


Contemporary data management and provisioning are dominated by three demands – scalability, simplicity, and security. They are all important but can often compete in terms of resources and 'do-ability'. With its Ceph Storage 4, Red Hat is delivering a fundamentally simple installation and operational experience that is ideally tuned to help organizations tame the three-headed data monster.

Mark Peters

Principal Analyst and Practice Director at the Enterprise Strategy Group

Built-in security and data protection

Deployed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a mature, enterprise-standard operating system recognized for its security, Red Hat Ceph Storage meets some of the industry’s most rigorous standards. It can now be deployed with FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography and, through our partner businesses, has completed FedRAMP certification—proving it’s suitable for even the most demanding deployments on Red Hat Enterprise Linux as well as on OpenShift and OpenStack. It also delivers authentication and authorization through integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), and Keystone. Built-in data resiliency and data protection features like erasure coding and client-side encryption help safeguard your data from both malicious and accidental risk. IBM Spectrum Protect/Protect Plus helps you back up and recover your data.


Ability to efficiently deliver meaningful data insights

In partnership with IBM Spectrum Discover, Red Hat Ceph Storage helps close the gap between application development and data science silos so you can efficiently manage, classify, and gain insights from massive amounts of unstructured data. When you use Red Hat Ceph Storage, you gain storage-as-a-service-like capabilities and the ability to self-serve while retaining control of some of your most strategic assets: your data.


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