Every company or individual providing a product or service believes that they’re having a positive impact on their clients, but nothing is more reassuring than actual customer feedback.

The Red Hat Training and Certification team is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals succeed using Red Hat technologies and helping them make the most of their technology investments. Our efforts were validated by a recent student survey where 90% of respondents stated that they were able to directly apply the skills and knowledge gained from Red Hat training to their jobs.


Red Hat courses and exams are designed based on input from support, engineering, consulting, and management offering a perspective not found anywhere else. Red Hat certified instructors average 20 years in IT and 11 years using Red Hat products. Additionally, all Red Hat courses:

  • Consider job roles.
  • Focus on practical solutions.
  • Use a task-driven instructional design.
  • Reinforce learning and concepts with hands-on labs.

We’re also committed to training based on the needs of our customers, not ours. We want to make sure students attend training based on what they need to learn, and that they develop the skills they need.



Red Hat offers 10 different skills assessments based on job role or product. Each no-cost assessment is progressive and asks a series of technical questions to gauge your knowledge in different topical areas. Upon completion, you’ll get personalized course and exam recommendations. Upon completion of training, we suggest you take our performance-based certification exams to validate your skills. Group assessments are also available for managers and result in a detailed report that identifies skills gaps within a team and provides recommendations for each participant.




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