We are pleased to announce that the Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) is joining the Terraform Ecosystem, providing customers additional flexibility and choice for their ROSA cluster deployments. The Terraform provider is currently available as a technical preview.

Today, ROSA clusters can be created using ROSA CLI and the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console. As customers create several clusters across multiple environments, they create multiple AWS Cloud resources including ROSA clusters to deploy their applications. Creating cloud infrastructure in a consistent and repeatable way can be challenging. Also, handling changes to critical infrastructure components manually can increase risk and managing custom-built scripts to automate can involve time and operational burden. 

Hashicorp Terraform is an infrastructure-as-code tool that lets you define infrastructure resources in human-readable configuration files that you can version, reuse, and share. With the Terraform provider for Red Hat Cloud Services and ROSA cluster Terraform module, customers can provision both ROSA clusters and the associated AWS Cloud infrastructure in a unified way.  With the new Terraform provider in technical preview, customers can deploy ROSA clusters at scale in a repeatable and consistent manner. 

The ROSA Terraform module is specifically tested and supported so that there is a reliable path to getting ROSA clusters built using Terraform. The ROSA cluster module is found alongside our provider in the Terraform registry.

To get started with our Terraform provider to build Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS clusters, visit the Terraform Registry

To get involved in the community and to submit issues or feature requests, visit the GitHub repo.